Jenner House Offer Rejected By Kanye West

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Kris JennerHouse” Offer Rejected By Kanye West. Kanye West is a great  musician, director and also a fabulous fashion designer. actually put his bottom downstairs behind Kim Kardashian mom selected a latest house for the pair. Kanye West & Kim Kardashian are in the family way their first child jointly and newly grab an “Eleven million Dollar” house in Bel Air, California. on the other hand Kim Kardashian mom Kris Jenner outwardly required the celebrity to shift close to the family unit home in Calabasas & established a land she considered would be wonderful for the couple.
Kris Jenner required to be capable of visit Kim Kardashian again and again achievable come & go as while she chose to. Kris Jenner still recommended having her individual key. other than Kanye West put down the law. Kanye West said “hell no” to the plan & told Kim Kardashian he did not wanna exist close to her mom. in addition to more than anything, Kanye West wanna little bit become quiet time with Kim Kardashian alone.
In proportion to reports, the pair plan on blowing up the current “ten thousand square foot” house so as to situates on the foundation to straight a “fourteen thousand square foot” Italian cottage with services for example a bowling passage, salon, gymnasium, home theatre & many more. Pair of these two celebrity kanye west and kim kardashian is very nice. Kanye west has taken a bold dicision.
Jenner House Offer Rejected By Kanye West:


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