Rihanna’s Father wants Grandson

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It’s a time to marry and because Rihanna’s father Ronald Fenty wants grandson from Rihanna. Rihanna is feeling good and she is ready to make her father grandfather by giving him grandson. Fenty imagines his daughter will be a ‘enormous’ mom in addition to says the on/off pair, who are supposed to comprise divide once more subsequent a line up at the fifty five Grammy Awards, still have his “approval” if they wanna marry.
Ronald Fenty said ‘ subsequently thing ought to be contain at any rate one kid. I will be fond of it to ensue. I am confident Rihanna will be a great mom. Evidently they would have my good thing (if the required to get married). I will be delighted. I like Chris Brown. He is a extremely old formed kind of gentleman, by means of plumb ethics plus he is for all time been incredibly polite to me.
I hope public in the Western globe will look at he is not the scoundrel he is remarked to be. He must not have a living judgment for one blunder. Everyone wants a 2nd option. It’s equal to Chris Brown what he performs with it. we hope Rihanna will quickly gonna marry and make her life beautiful plus enjoyable.
Rihanna’s Father wants Grandson:

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