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In this awesome article we are sharing bollywood hot and sexy celebrity news about Sunny Leone, Sunny Leone recently launched jewellery collection enjoys being showstopper at jewellery showcase. Bollywood and Hollywood Actress Sunny Leone was overcome through the “breathtaking designs” that she displayed at the India International Jewellery Week (IIJW) as the showstopper of Sumit Sawhney’s jewellery brand.

In additionally, this is great jewellery what Sunny wear and showcase on the jewellery fashion show. “Sumit’s jewellery has got originality and elegance. Apala was a smash from the usual bling on stage. The back side pieces were exceptionally different and impressive. Sunny Leone said “I completely loved the entire jewellery set he designed for me”.

The ensembles for the show, labeled Meraki, were planned through Delhi-based jewellery designer Atithi Gupta. Sunny, along with extra models, dazzled in sparkle plus cotton gowns. We are hoping that Sunny Leone fans and followers would like this latest bollywood celebrity news about Sunny Leone Sumit Sawhney’s jewellery brand

Sunny Leone has being showstopper at jewellery showcase:

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