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Dog Walking Fashion Needn’t be Bland and Boring

When we walk our dogs it is often a time of extreme relaxation as well as an opportunity to socialise with some other dog walkers, and have a little fun with our canine companion. However, it can also be a great time to show off your funky fashion styles and share them with the world. After all, the kind of footwear you choose for a dog walk can say a lot about you as a person.
Rain boots are such a great way to express this on a walk (both for you and your dog), so here are some of the best rain boots you’ll find for a truly fashionable walk.
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Joules Pattered Rain Boots

Joules are a brand that is known across the world for their superb equestrian equipment and clothing. However, they are becoming increasingly famous for their fantastic and pattered rain boots, which are taking the world by storm. They have everything from floral designs to stripes and crocodiles.
If you can think it, Joules have probably created it. On top of this, their boots are exceedingly comfortable and durable –  so you know they are likely to last you quite some time. If you are looking for something that screams style while retaining excellent levels of comfort and reliability, then look no further than Joules. Plus, they’re really affordable.
Dog Walking Fashion, Joules Pattered Rain Boots, Hunter Originals, Dubarry Galway, PAWZ for Dogs, ultimate welly boot guides

Hunter Originals

Hunter is one of the most popular and trusted brands for rain boots in the world. Thousands of people wear them because they are good quality and have a wide price range so that everyone is able to afford a pair of these fantastic boots. The Original model as a moulded fit so that your leg and foot sit comfortably inside it, reducing soreness at the end of the day.
The other great thing is that if you don’t want an ordinary coloured pair of rain boots, Hunter has a whole range of colours available for you to buy. From blues and reds, to vibrant pinks and purples, there is a colour there that is sure to bring some sunshine to your day – and a bit of extra style to your dog walk. Stroll with your dog in confidence with these fashionable rain boots.
Dog Walking Fashion, Joules Pattered Rain Boots, Hunter Originals, Dubarry Galway, PAWZ for Dogs, ultimate welly boot guides

Dubarry Galway

Dubarryare a little more expensive than most, but their rain boots are absolutely fantastic. They are some of the best and most reliable on the market. Made form waterproof leather, they promise to keep feet cool and comfortable in the summer, but nice and warm during the winter months.
They have a stylish appearance that not only makes you stand out while you walk the dog, but also makes the boots suitable for a number of different occasions. They can be worn to smart casual occasions with ease and are easy to adjust if you have wider calves. The Dubarry Galway boots truly are the best you can buy.

PAWZ for Dogs

Your dog can take advantage of the fashion trends too with a pair of funky rain boots for dogs. These little booties for pups are great for those that suffer from allergies, or to protect delicate little paws from hot pavements or even rain and mud if they are recovering from an infection. However, these rain boots come in a variety of colours so you and your pet can rock the local park together – you guys will look amazing as you walk.

To Conclude

Your clothes aren’t the only thing that let people know your style – your dog walking rain boots can be just as bold. Even looking at these three you can see just how funky your rain boots can be, both for you and your dog. So when the two of you embark on your daily stroll you can both look absolutely amazing.

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