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Top Fashion Rules Every Tall Girl NEEDS To Know

Fashion and jewelry work together well, but the problem is that when you’re a tall woman, it can be difficult to choose jewelry to compliment your outfit and your body beautifully. If you’re a tall woman and you’ve been having this problem, this is a simple fashion guide on how you can easily match jewelry with your outfit when tall so it balances out your look for a complimentary finish.
Fashion Rules For The Fabulous Woman
Bracelets are a great fashion piece that really can highlight your appearance beautifully. When you have a bracelet that you love, but it makes your arms look longer, it can be heart breaking.
However, to fix this there’s something simple you can do. To even out the length of your arms when wearing a bracelet, you need to wear multiple bracelets or a bulky bracelet.
Bulky bracelets are able to even out the look of long arms and can help to draw attention away from them. Wearing bracelets that feature colors that are similar to your outfit and eyes is also a good approach as this helps it to match better without looking out of place. Multi colored gemstone bracelets are also a great option to help bring more color to your outfit.
Necklaces are a common choice when it comes to wearing jewelry. Necklaces have a way to really highlight your face and neckline when chosen right. For tall women, however, it’s more important to choose the right necklaces as the wrong one can make you look longer than you’d like. Here’s a few simple rules to choosing a necklace.

  • Layers – When wearing necklaces with open cut outfits it’s important to wear layers. Layering necklace lengths can help to balance out the length of your body but make sure the layers don’t go any longer than above your mid-section as this will make you look elongated.
  • Plain Vs Stunning – When choosing necklaces to go with your dress, always contrast. Contrasting plain and stunning attributes of your jewelry and outfit is the best way to go. If your dress is plain, wear a stunning necklace. If your necklace is plain wear a stunning dress.
  • Avoid Chokers – Avoid choker necklaces as this will only cause you to look even taller than what you are.

In following these key tips, you can really highlight your beauty without everyone seeing how tall you really are.
When choosing earring it’s a good idea to choose ones that are long like teardrops. Long earring on taller women allow for the face to look smaller. If you place studded earrings in your ears when tall it will only make your face look extra-long. When choosing the color of your earrings work on matching it with your eye color or the necklace color that you choose for the best effect.
Rings should also be chosen right to help reduce the look of your fingers being longer than what they are. When choosing rings, it’s a good idea to stay away from small thin rings and move toward larger bulkier rings with shapes as this will reduce the length of your fingers greatly. Shapes such as circles, diamonds or squares are also a great option. You should also go for gemstones that highlight your necklace and earring color, or your eye color.
Choosing jewelry pieces to compliment your outfit is all about the rules that you follow. By following these great rules you’ll be able to match your outfit a lot easier with your jewelry So are you ready to revamp your new outfit and look?
Caroline Kastner
Caroline Kastner is a mother and aspiring fashion designer. She wants to open her own line of jewelry in the future and is working her way to achieving this goal. She has contributed to Jewelry-Store. She has two young children and enjoys going to the beach and bike riding.

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