Types of Suit Color That Should Be In Your Wardrobe

When people hear the word suit, the first thing that comes to their mind is the black jacket and trouser ensemble they often see in movies like James Bond. While black suits are the most basic, there are other choices out there that can make a man look polished and stylish at the same time!
Buying Tips:
Before anything else, make sure that you check the essential guidelines in choosing the perfect suit because buying the wrong size or the wrong color can ruin your outfit. Pick a pair that fits well with your unique body frame,  settle for solid colors especially if you only wear a suit occasionally.
What color of suits should you pick?
Shopping for men’s suit can be daunting especially if you’ve haven’t done it before. To learn which shade to add to your wardrobe, here is the list of suit colors that you can wear more that once!
Navy Blue Suit
The type of suit is a safe option since it is versatile and easy to pair with any kind shoes. You can wear it on different occasion may it be formal, business or casual. Putting on the suit can also make you look more masculine and fashion forward.
Gray Suit
There are three types of gray suit. The first one is charcoal which is the darkest of all shades. Similar to the first shade on the list, charcoal gray can blend effortlessly with other clothing. The suit is ideal if you want to look experienced and a bit older than your actual age. You can wear it during meetings, work, weddings, and funerals.
The next color is Cambridge a gray shade lighter than the first one. Since it has a neutral tone, it can go along well with a wide range of dress shirts and shoes. Last on the list is the light gray, the color of choice for spring, summer and fall.
While Charcoal and Cambridge suits look almost alike, the latter is easy to distinguish since it has a distinct light shade. If you don’t need to be dressy yet professional looking, the light gray suit is the best alternative.
Dark Brown
The time that I start to appreciate the dark brown suit is when I saw Ryan Gosling wearing it. The formal wear complimented his blond hair and his skin tone. Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure that you can also look good in the suit as long as you pair it with the right shoes and shirt. The suit can make you stand out in your casual occasions but not on formal or black tie events.
Khaki Suits
The tan or khaki is a shade lighter than dark brown, just like the light gray suit, it allows your body to breathe under the scorching sun. If you are a fan of pastel colored shirts, the khaki suit is a great addition to your wardrobe.
True Blue Suit
You need to know that the type of suit is not a formal wear, rather it is worn during sports events or informal gatherings. You can wear the suit with jeans as it id not necessary to pair it with matching trousers.
It is the year to break the monotony of black suits by dressing boldly. Be adventurous with the color of your suit, learn how to mix and match and look high fashion all year round!

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