Men’s Fashion 101: How to Break Out of A Style Rut

“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret to reality.”
Let us face it, no matter how you put it, fashion and style are two things that not a lot of men excel at. In fact, style and fashion are two things mostly associated with people of the fairer sex so it is only understandable why most fashion and style forward individuals would be women. However, this does not mean that men themselves do not develop a particular affinity towards fashion and style as they do. These are the gentlemen who are always impeccably dressed and well-groomed at all times. To the untrained eye, they look like individuals who have perfected the art of ageless dressing, but really they have just mastered the skill of breaking out of a style rut. If you find yourself wearing last season clothes or outdated fashion items, you may be one of the people stuck in such rut. Not to worry, there are ways of breaking out it—regardless of whether your clothes are largely wholesale clothing or retail.
1.) Grow up
Graphic tees and tattered jeans might have made a statement back in your teenage years and your twenties. However, if you want to communicate maturity and sophistication, your “ fashion statement” would not do you any favors. In fact, it might just do the opposite and make you look like a lazy and tacky person. Skip the trends in your twenties, and dress aptly for your age.
2.) Steer clear of going all vintage
Vintage clothing may carry a certain charm nowadays due to the influx of all things hipster. However, dressing yourself from head to toe in all vintage items would make you look like you traveled back in time and brought to the present the fashion taste of that era. More often than not, going all vintage is reserved only for theme parties and special occasions only. Mix it up once in a while; you never know what you are missing in style if you keep holding on to the past.
3.) Steer clear of slogan shirts
Slogan shirts are awesome and cool, but before putting anything of them on, you would have to be very meticulous about what they say. If you just basically buy anything off the rack without even reading what the tee says, you might be inadvertently supporting a political statement you are outwardly against, or you might be unknowingly offending the sensitivities of other people. Additionally, some of the slogans written on teens might be inappropriate for your age and might be conveying a sense of immaturity. To counteract this, steer clear from slogan shirts unless you know what they say and are in firm support about the adage written.
4.) Minimize swapping clothes
Back in the day, men and women alike are notorious for swapping clothes with their cousins, brothers or sisters. In the same vein, mothers and daughters just as sons and fathers would likely do the same thing. However, you should not try to wear something that your teenage son might. You do not want to glaringly fail when it comes to sporting age-appropriate fashion.

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