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Pros and Cons of Pore Strips

Pore strips are a popular way to decrease pore size and minimize acne breakouts. While many people use them, they don’t always know all the pros and cons. Read on to learn more about the benefits and downsides of pore strips.
Why Use Pore Strips?
As you age, your pores become bigger which allows more dirt and impurities to get trapped in them. Pore strips remove the dirt that may accumulate, preventing blackheads, blemishes, and inflammation from occurring in the first place.
Pore strips are an easy and fast method of removing dirt and other impurities from your skin. They are also easier to travel with because they can be put in your carry on whereas liquids have to be checked. Forget spills from liquid products in your luggage, too!
How Pore Strips Work
A pore strip is essentially water that’s mixed with other ingredients to create a dense, glue-like adhesive. As it dries and hardens, the pore strip attaches to the top layer of skin, including any dirt, oil, and dead cells that are on it. When you remove the strip, all of this comes with it. While the results look dramatic, pore strips really only cleanse the surface of your skin and don’t provide any true deep cleaning.
Benefits of Pore Strips
Pore strips temporarily clean the surface of your skin helping prevent blackheads and blemishes from occurring. They are also faster and less messy than washing your face with cleansers or exfoliants. Instead of rinsing, washing, and applying toner, all you have to do is apply ice to your face to close your pores.
Cons of Pore Strips
While pore strips can minimize breakouts, they do not get rid of blackheads; they only decrease the chances of them occurring. Preventative care is still necessary in order to keep blackheads away. Other options to prevent dirt buildup and blackheads from occurring include natural beauty products like exfoliants or toners. Natural products are normally quite soothing on the skin, which is highly desirable for those looking to properly care for their skin.
Effects on Blood Vessels
Pore strips can cause enlarged surface blood vessels due to skin stimuli from the pore strip. These blood vessels look like red lines on your skin and can be hard to hide with makeup — even if you use a cover up before applying your foundation.
Individuals with naturally thin skin or skin disorders such as rosacea, psoriasis, or seborrhea are prone to skin tears or skin injury. Pore strips can irritate or harm sensitive, sunburned, or acne-prone skin.
Reverse Effects
Excessive use of pore strips can also cause the opposite reaction to your skin. Instead of minimizing pores and breakouts, you’ll enlarge and increase these issues. The tugging motion that occurs during pore strip removal can result in pores being stretched, while cleaning your pores too frequently can also lead to faster dirt buildup, leading to a never-ending cycle of cleansing.
The best way to combat this issue is using your pore strips only as directing and making sure to apply cold water or ice to your face to shrink and close the pores after you use the strip. Then apply a moisturizer to replace the essential oils your skin needs. If you do not replenish these natural oils, you will have dry areas which can cause the skin to flake.
Using Pore Strips Correctly
Pore strips used infrequently should not cause permanent harm to your skin, but daily use is a bad idea if you are trying to keep your skin youthful. Toners and cleansers are other effective methods of preventing dirt and impurities from building up in your pores without the harsh tearing of your skin.
If sports or your job exposes you to dirt, sweat, and other impurities on a daily basis, it is essential to make sure your pores are closed before doing those activities — otherwise you will be negating the impurity removal pore strips provide. Use your pore strips correctly to maximize their benefits and avoid their downsides.
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