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Top 10 Trending Skincare Trends

The fashion industry and beauty & skincare trends go hand in hand. These industries are becoming sustainable and eco-friendly with every passing year.

The top skincare trends that are going to rule the following year 2022 are as follows:

1.       Retinol Creams:

This is miracle skin treatment creams. it contains vitamin A (retinoids). Retinol applied topically converts into retinoic acid after reacting with specialized enzymes of the skin. It improves the skin radiance, smoothes skin texture and ensures anti-ageing of skin cells. Retinols treat the skin internally, due to this it helps in preventing acne. Some people experienced an improvement in their skin tone after regular application of retinol cream and gels. These creams are available over the counter without a prescription.

2.       Bacteria-Laden Skincare:

A decade back bacteria was considered a harmful agent for healthy skin. But with the latest research on skin microbiome and skin barriers, the dermatologist now recommends products with natural microbes like bacteria and yeast that work in favor of the skin. Consequently, The organic products and old age practices of Ayurveda are beneficial for the skin. These restore the natural moisture of the skin without damaging the skin like synthetic harsh products. This can be attained with the help of power supplements that are produced for improving your gut and skin health.

3.       Microbiome-Friendly Skincare:

Little that we know, our skin is a host to a vast variety of microbes. Just like our gut, our skin contains trillions of bacteria, fungi, and viruses which comprise these skin microbes. Not all the bacteria on the skin is harmful rather it protects it from external invaders. This skin flora, if flourished naturally and healthily can improve your skin texture and enhance your glow. The scientists are more focused on findings related to these healthy skin microbes and skin functioning. After multiple studies and experiments, the beauty industry has become aware of this microbiome fact. Now the market is flooded with microbiome friendly products. You can shop for microbiome friendly serums, mists, moisturizers and cleansers. These are more healthy for your skin to boost up naturally.

4.       Next-Gen Supplements:

The Next-gen has become a pro when it comes to beauty. They know what to ingest and what is good for their skin externally. The standard beauty norms have made GenZ very conscious about their appearances. In other words, They are more careful about what kind of food is beneficial for their skin and hair. The beauty industry has shifted its interest in beauty supplements over the past few years. These supplements include collagen peptides, zinc, vitamin C, D, biotin, curcumin and much like these beauty-enhancing components. The supplements are rarely harmful if taken according to the prescribed dosage. Deeper studies are being carried out to increase the potency of these supplements for better results.

5.       Anti-Abundance:

The past year has seen some crazy beauty trends. The pandemic made TikTok and similar applications a lot famous all around the globe. So-called beauty influencers teach the general public too much about makeup styles and ideas. Not everyone carries a good line of products, which results in skin damage. According to beauty & skincare trends, Too much makeup and ordinary products are used for skincare peels of healthy skin. The experts have now focused on plant-based organic products that do not harm the skin like these chemical-based synthetic products. These products are gentle on the skin and reduce the skincare routine steps, as we know too much of everything just ruins everything.

6.       Fermented Skincare:

Fermented skincare is the latest approach to improve skin health. This technique works with millions of microbiomes on the skin surface. Fermentation is the process of introducing microbes, bacteria, and yeast into an ingredient, where finally the process converts the ingredient into basic building blocks. As referred, these building blocks comprise amino acids, vitamins and important minerals. All these components are in their purest form, these ready to use concentrated molecules perform miraculously on the skin. However, Fermented skincare products protect skin against UV rays and other skin damages caused by free radicals. According to experts, fermentation induces exfoliation by producing fruit and sugar acids. Amino acids reduce fine lines and wrinkles with the gradual use of these fermentation-based products.

7.       Waterless Skincare:

Waterless skincare is another trend getting acceptance with every passing year. This trend emerged in South Korea, where the beauty brands focused on innovating anhydrous products that favor including more active ingredients. These active ingredients include oil, waxes, oil-soluble actives, and various butter. Waterless cosmetics are eco friendly as they require less synthetic preservatives than their counterparts. These products can be preserved with natural and earth-friendly preservatives for a remarkably long time. These cosmetics are quite sustainable as they are lighter, need small packaging, thus reducing shipping space and weight.

8.       Skin Barrier Repair:

You must have heard a new trend of skin barrier repair may be through a social media influencer or some product advertisement. This new skin repair trend is all about the topmost layer of our skin. As you know your skin has multiple layers that hold different functions. The outermost layer of your skin or skin barrier is made of cells called corneocytes and lipids (cholesterol and ceramides). However, This skin barrier protects your skin from external harsh irritants, inflammations. It holds all the moisture to make your skin look healthy and stunningly glowy. Skin barrier repair products aim at reintroducing moisture to your skin surface. These moisturizers bring water from the dermis to the epidermis to keep it hydrated. The damaged skin is repaired and keeps the blocks intact to provide a shield from environmental damages.

9.       Major Lip Service:

Lip enhancements, lip tattoos, and lip plumping through needles have gained popularity in the last decade. The new beauty norms emphasize bigger, fuller and plumped lips. The celebrities and fashion icons go through these so-called lip plumping procedures for desired lips. Plenty of products for topical application is available at reasonable prices for people who avoid painful procedures. This trend is going to rule this year also.

10.   Smart facial tools:

At-home skincare has become a thing for a long time now. With pandemic and work at home culture, people are interested in at-home skincare routines. Facial massaging tools give the same results as compared to your salons or spa services. Good quality massaging and facial cleansing tools improve your skin texture as you can use them whenever and wherever necessary without spending hours at the salons. These are one time investments that are easy to handle and carry without any hustle.

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