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The Trend of Art Deco and The History

Art deco is a design that shocked the world when it first arrived. A style that many people believed to be unique for not only the artwork but also for the world of jewellery and buildings. Art deco is a style that everybody has seen at some point in their life and is one that they will continue to see.

Many architects continue to design buildings in the Art Deco style. It is making a return with jewellery trends as well. It has been around for over a hundred years and will continue to be so.

The History of Art Deco

If you were interested in your art class in school, you probably know a bit about art deco already. However, if you are anything like me who just flicked paint at people in the class, you probably know nothing about it.

As you get older, you start to appreciate the wonderful art designs and architecture of buildings. That is how I have got into my research with art deco. I went into a restaurant that had a similar design of art deco which intrigued me. I stared more at the interior of the building than actually eating my food and engaging in conversation. So, let’s get started and educate you on something that I have just learnt myself.

The art deco style first appeared in France, during the second world war. Combining new materials with historic and luxurious materials. Ivory, Mahogany, chrome and plate glass all combined into one. This combination of materials gave furniture their unique style back in the early 1900s and, by the 1920s/30s, art deco took off.

During the 1920s, the United States economy was well underway. Technology was advancing quicker by the day and music started to become more varied. Art is something that has always existed. The artists that we have today are very different back in the 1800s and 1900s. Art deco was a style that indicated wealth and showed signs of luxury.

By 1929, America moved into what was known as the great depression. This movement is where America hoped for a brighter future. However, art deco made it across the sea to America, in all forms. The main one is how buildings were designed. Hollywood films continued to build the reputation of art deco, cementing the fact that this style was to indicate wealth.

The United States used this unique style for most of its buildings. The Carlyle on Miami beach is one of the buildings with this design. Miami Beach is one place that holds the most buildings with the style of art deco. The union terminal in Ohio is another iconic building in the United States that cherishes this great design. There are hundreds of buildings constructed in the 30s that were designed in the style of art deco.

Fast Forward to the 80s

By the end of the 1930s, world war two broke, which saw this amazing architecture slowly die out. However, it soon returned later on in the 20th century. In the United States, during the 80s, America went through another period of wealth. That is when art deco made a return to the United States of America.

During the 80s, many people loved the idea of gold finishes and luxury materials. Black marble and brass are some of the materials that are used with the style of art deco. Furthermore, this style moved away from the architecture of buildings and soon made an appearance in the fashion world.

Art Deco also existed in the 1920s although it took off in the 80s, it was a jewellery trend that people preferred. Many styles came with the art deco design. Platinum or white gold was the most common material with art deco jewellery. White gold made its first appearance in the early 1900s. The costs of platinum were rising, this is why many people decided to opt for this material instead.

Diamonds were a common gemstone with art deco. These diamond cuts are unique, rigid and sharp, you won’t see a diamond cut like it. The geometric design is another popular art deco design that many people wore. For those that don’t know the different eras of jewellery, art deco came before the Edwardian era.

Art Deco As We Know Today

Art deco is a style that many people love. The art deco style is slowly phasing out with building architecture, it is still a common style for modern jewellery. Nonetheless, many modern buildings have this style. Architects are finding new and innovative ways to revive this fantastic style with modern building designs.

The modern style of art deco is common with furniture compared to anything else. There are many rugs, wallpaper and upholstery that carry the same sort of style of art deco. Many people are looking to spend more on their furniture, on materials such as marble and burl wood. If you are not sure what the art deco style is for interior design, search Miami interior design art deco.

Although there are many modern art deco jewellery pieces, the best art deco comes from antique jewellery. Vintage jewellery can be expensive because of the age of the piece and the history behind it. That is why art deco engagement rings are becoming so popular with couples in the modern era. If you are looking to propose and your partner is a fan of the art deco style, make sure you browse online to discover some of the best engagement rings that are out there.


Art deco is great for not only the interior and exterior designs of buildings but, it is also a wonderful style for jewellery. Art deco jewellery seems to be becoming another trend for jewellery. Not only does this amazing style show wealth but it also shows that those who wear it have good taste. Art deco jewellery is a unique style which is why it is popular today.

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