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How to Complete Your Look With Moonstone Jewelry?

If you are looking for a piece of versatile gemstone jewelry, then there is no other gem as Moonstone. It is a must-have addition to an accessories collection. The otherworldly aura of this crystal and its pastel hues depict feminine beauty in the best way. Moonstone jewelry is available in a variety of designs and settings around the globe.

Moonstone is typically found in white, translucent, or yellow, gray, gray, brown shades. It has a soft glow that appears like light coming from the misty clouds. The gemstone has been valued since ancient times as a talisman and is also called the travelers’ stone. It was used in amulets that provided protection from all dangers. It is believed that wearing this gemstone fills a person with love, creativity, passion and tenderness. It also helps in getting rid of sleep related problems.

Moonstone jewelry has that subtle yet stunning appearance that goes well with almost all occasions and outfits. Here are some moonstone jewelry style ideas to complete your look:

Moonstone Pendant:

Choose a moonstone pendant that has a delicate feminine look. You can go for a rose gold setting that compliments the iridescent qualities of the Moonstone. It will add much-needed elegance and sophistication to any outfit.

Pair it with a bodycon dress to pull a glamorous look. It can also work great with turtle neck pullovers or sweater dresses.

Moonstone Ring:

The gemstone looks best in a halo of diamonds or a center stone with two adjacent diamonds. You can also pick another gem with Moonstone that highlights its beauty. It will grab all the attention with its shimmer in any event. Its magical appeal will garner you so many praises. You can also think about going for a moonstone ring following the latest trend.

The unconventional choice will be your best one as you cherish this beauty which is not a typical engagement ring. You can choose your favorite cut for the gemstone from emerald, round, or cabochon, but make sure you select a protective bezel setting for the gem as you will wear it daily.

Moonstone Earrings:

Earrings instantly bring glow and charm to your face. And when it comes to moonstone earrings, be it drop earrings or danglers, it will add charm to your face and grace and elegance to your overall look. You can choose them for a date night with your evening dress. They will also work well with your office wear. You can pick medium size earrings for a vital office meet or presentation to look your best.

Moonstone Bracelet:

Be it a stackable bracelet or a single chain, a moonstone bracelet is a perfect jewelry piece that you can wear every day. A thin and sleek bangle with Moonstone in the center looks chic. You can pair it up with your watch and bring charm to your ensemble.

Moonstone statement bracelets are preferred for their bold look. A big stone in the center and small stones in the rest of the bracelet can be the best choice for any big event. However, it can go best with a cocktail dress.


Moonstone is timeless jewelry, and since its demand is increasing day by day, it has become a vital part of the gemstone jewelry collection. Its soft glow shows its richness and makes it an elegant jewel. Rananjay Exports has vintage and latest designs of moonstone jewelry. Their stunning gemstone jewelry collection is perfect for making heads turn. You will find accessories made in 925 sterling silver and rose gold vermeil that speaks of quality. They deal in authentic wholesale silver gemstone jewelry.

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