Fashion Identity Crisis

Kim Kardashian Discusses Her ‘Fashion Identity Crisis’

Over the last decade, Kim Kardashian has been famous for her developing fashion sense, which has without a doubt been controversial. Her ex-husband, Kanye West, was known for helping to transform her look and really make a stand in the world of fashion, and since their divorce, she has admitted to getting very nervous over making her own fashion choices.

In an interview wth SNL, she has admitted to being scared of losing her fashion sense after being styled by Kanye for years. She is attempting to figure out who she is on her own in the world of fashion, rather than as a part of Kimye and the iconic status the two had in the world of fashion. 10 months after she filed for divorce, she is stepping out and trying to establish her own sense of style.

Following one event, apparently Kanye called to compare her dress to one worn by something Marge Simpson had worn and that her career was over. Explaining that although she has always been into fashion, she was never the visionary and that Kanye’s love language was clothes. However, she has said that she does feel liberated about being out there on her own, suggesting she is ready to make a stand in the fashion world on her own. Her becoming the face of Balenciaga in February 2022 is just the beginning of this.


Recent Criticism Following the 2022 Met Gala

Following the 2022 Met Gala, there was a lot of controversy around Kim Kardashian wearing the iconic Marilyn Monroe dress. The dress worn by Kim originally belonged to Marilyn in 1962 when she sung “Happy Birthday Mr President” to John F. Kennedy at Madison Square Garden. The dress is own by Ripley’s Believe It or Not purchase from them at auction in 2016 for $4.8 million.

The dress was only worn by Kim on the red carpet as it is so delicate an expensive, but many textile conservators are outraged by the fact she wore it at all, claiming that historic garments should not be worn by private or public figures, especially those that are vulnerable to damage. Garments such as this delicate dress should also not be exposed to high levels of light, including flash photography. There was also quite a lot of controversy around the fact that Kim had to lose 16 pounds in order to fit into the dress.

Although Kim and Kanye have been splitting up for fairly a long time.  Now the MetGala is a major event and although the outfit certainly get people talking, many believe it is for the wrong reasons. So, it will be interesting to see how things develop from here!


Some of Kim’s Fashion Highlights

Despite recent criticism, Kim has had some exceptional fashion highlights over the years. Having evolved significantly over the years, Kim’s style has paved the way for some major trends. From bright neon to snakeskin boots, her evolution as a fashion icon has led to her working with the world’s biggest designers and gracing the world’s most famous fashion magazines.

Three of her most iconic looks of all time have been at the Met Gala, starting with the 2018 event. For the “Heavenly Bodies” theme, Kim stunned in a head to toe gold Versace corset gown with embellished crosses. With her killer curves stealing the show, it was in agreement that her bold smoky eyes, flawless hair and breathtaking dress created one of her best looks to date.

In 2019 at the Met Gala, Kim had a lot to live up to, which she did in many people’s opinion with her Mugler look for the “Camp” theme. Thierry Mugler came out of retirement to create the latex beaded gown, designed to look as if she had stepped out of the ocean. Again, this was a controversial look, with many questioning how she could fit into the dress, although she shut down any surgery rumours by clarifing she was wearing a tight custom corset made by Mr Pearl. Whilst some people speculated how her look fitted into the “Camp” theme, it certainly got heads turning for the right reasons.


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Kim Kardashian in 2021

In 2021, Kim Kardashian returned to the Met wearing a highly controversial outfit which didn’t go down quite as well as the previous two years. Wearing a full black bodysuit with every part of her body cover, including her face, the look design by Balenciaga did embod minimalism and was create to cause a stir. The idea was that no one needed to see Kim’s face, as her silhouette is so iconic that everyone would know who it was. Apparently Kim was not happy with this initially, but after being persuad by the creative director, she goes ahead with the full look. This was certainly one of the most controversial looks, hence with in the fashion highlights!

Outside of the Met, Kim has also had so many iconic fashion moments, one of which is her channeling of Jackie Kennedy with her mini pink latex mini dress, along with sunglasses and a beautiful bob. Adding her own modern twist with a French fries handbag, although simple, the dress certainly made an impact. With more of her recent famous fashion moments also featuring pink, like her hot pink bodysuit worn for the afterparty of SNL, perhaps this will be a colour we continue to see featuring in Kim’s next fashion era in the coming years.

Final Thoughts

No matter how you look at it, Kim Kardashian is a fashion icon who continues to get conversations start. She tests the boundaries and starts trends all across the world, which we are excited to continue to see in the coming years as she tackles the world of fashion on her own. From simple and classic mini dresses to streetwear staples and bold costume pieces, we can always rely on Kim Kardashian to cause a stir at any event. Our only question is, what will come next.

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