Hairstyles For Men Over 40

Top Five Men’s Hairstyles Over 40:

You’ve reached the age of forty. It doesn’t mean you can’t have a cool and stylish hairstyle because you’re no longer a youngish guy. It’s probably time for a change and a hairstyle update if you’ve had your hair cut in the same style since you were in your early 20s.

Let’s look at the top 5 hairstyles for men over 40 to show you that you can still look young and vibrant in your forties!

1 – The Volumizer is the first item on the list.

The Volumizer

To pull off this fantastic hairstyle, you don’t necessarily need thick hair. The key lies in the way the hair is cut, which results in incredible volume and texture. At the same time, this style appears trendy and natural.

2 – A Timeless Classic.

The Classic That Has Stood The Test Of Time

This is the way to go if you’re looking for a style that’s both modern and timeless. You can’t go wrong with this classic side parting, which will keep you looking fashionable while also being sophisticated.

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3 – The Quiff is number three on the list of must-have hairstyles.

The Quiff.

As our hair becomes more wiry as we age, we may need to change the products we use on it. With a moisturising hair product to keep it swept back, you can show off your hair in this quiff style.

4 – Textured And Long Waves.

Long And Textured Waves.

Use this longer, wavy style to show off your naturally wavy hair. The waves add volume and texture, and you’ll look like a sophisticated hipster with a full beard and moustache.

5 – Sides that aren’t as long as the rest of the body The top of the hair is faded with volume.

Short Sides Fade Haircut With Volume On The Top.

Do you prefer a hairstyle that is both professional and fun? This fade haircut features neat, short sides and textured volume on top, making you look both smart and cheeky!

As a man over 40, are any of the hairstyles listed above appealing to you? If that’s the case, contact Well Groomed Gentlemen Barbershop, and we’ll create the ideal hairstyle for you, making you look fashionable and trendy.

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