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Five Simple Home Office Setup Ideas to Boost Productivity

People are staying at home because to COVID-19, which is also prompting businesses to adopt work-from-home arrangements. Many of us are probably working remotely full-time for the first time in our careers. Working from home can be challenging for some of us (especially if you have children or pets at home). In this post,

improve productivity

we’ll share with you 5 simple home office setups to help you focus and be more productive every day.

1) A strong laptop and connectivity.

Proper equipment good laptop and connectivity

When working from home, having a proper laptop is crucial because one needs quality tools to execute a good job. You will need to use your laptop every day in the “new normal” to communicate with your coworkers at home, therefore you may need to re-evaluate and re-consider the following considerations, such as the size and quality of the monitor and whether or not the computer storage is sufficient to hold all the files. Is the battery life sufficient for a protracted conference, etc.? A high-speed, dependable network connection is just as crucial as a laptop. To connect a network router, email, and other services, you’ll need the appropriate hardware and wiring.

2) Peaceful setting.

Quiet locations

When working from home, you probably encounter embarrassing yet hilarious situations like your kids crying for food or your husband showing up in his underwear during a zoom meeting. These distractions from your family and pets can seriously affect your productivity, so it’s crucial to set up a dedicated home office in the least noisy part of your house. If you don’t have a separate office, you can think about utilizing a room divider to keep your working private and quiet from the rest of the house. You might also display a “Do Not Disturb” sign to deter them from bothering you.

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3) Appropriate lighting and clean air.

Right lighting and good air quality

Increased exposure to natural light can boost your health and productivity. According to a Cornell University study, “employees sitting near a window that improved sun exposure reported a 2% improvement in productivity.” Therefore, when working from home, pick the best location and set up shop where you can get the most natural light. Along with the light, you should also be concerned with your home’s air quality. Indoor air pollution increases your risk of developing skin and nasal allergies and is ultimately bad for human health. Therefore, your home office life will be substantially enhanced with a suitable air purifier or a green plant.

4) Build a sustainable home office.

Create a green home office

Time to make your home office a green workplace! The simplest solution is to place some green plants next to your desk because they can raise the area’s humidity and provide a stylish touch while also helping to improve the air quality by filtering and lowering toxins contained in the air. In addition to purchasing green plants, you can incorporate more green into your workstation by hanging posters or artwork in green on the walls. This is because green colour promotes harmony and calmness by calming the senses.

5) Create a workspace of your own.

Design your own workspaces

Possessing a lovely workstation can uplift your mood, inspire you, and increase your level of commitment to your task. You might start by considering the general colour palette of your workstation before moving on to selecting a suitable desk and chair. Once you’ve completed the necessary settings, you can optionally designate a certain scent for your office. Scent is important in the design of the home office because numerous studies have found that it improves mood and increases productivity.


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