Marriage Shopping List for Bride Ideas

10 Ideas for a Realistic Wedding Shopping List for Bride

It’s crucial to maintain track of the bride’s bridal shopping list when organizing your own wedding. Even the most meticulous wedding planners occasionally forget about a few details until it’s almost too late. You must have watched a half-dressed bride searching for the necessities that she neglected to get when shopping at some point in your life in silence. And her mourning over the item of clothing she was going to wear to the reception but is now being kept in the cupboard unstitched.

The following is a crucial list of things a woman has to purchase before her wedding:

1) Makeup For a Marriage


You won’t need to be exposed to society very much if covid restrictions are in place. So it makes sense to spend money on affordable makeup necessities. The price of these goods shouldn’t exceed Rs. 10,000. You can spend money on the five essentials: lipsticks, mascara, eyeliner, blush, and foundation. Touch-ups between public appearances are a smart idea. The items stated above ought to be able to meet your needs.

2) Comfortable Lingerie for a Wedding

Comfortable Lingerie

You must include this in your bridal trousseau even though it is not frequently discussed. After all, the clothing you must wear is somewhat bulky. Wearing cosy underwear will make it easier to endure the long days. You can choose elegant pastel hues and lace. You will project more confidence as a result of this.

3) Remove Your High Heels

Ditch the High Heels

The days of brides wearing traditional stiletto heels to complement their attire are long gone. Break out of the cliched fashion trends. Spend money on a stylish pair of sneakers, juttis, or even flats. This footwear can work well with both Indian and Western attire. So go ahead and do something unexpected!

4) Avoid Wearing Bulky Clothing

Heavy Outfits

Get light suits or sharara sets rather than bulky Indian attire. For daytime events or family dinners, you can also get some fusion clothing.

5) Jewellery


Purchase wedding jewellery that suits your preferences. Invest in timeless pieces like solitaire earrings or bracelets if you want to keep your wedding jewellery simple. If not, you might choose neckpieces made of gold and kundan. Additionally, you can get anklets, finger rings, and kamarbandhs.

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6) Beauty Tools

Beauty Tools

You ought to own these tools since you can’t regularly attend the beauty salon. An epilator for the face and body, bikini groomers, a hair styler, and a blow-dryer are necessities.

7) A Luxury Bag

A Luxury Bag

Take the unconventional route and spend money on a high-end purse. This is a better choice than purchasing a straightforward potli to go with all of your wedding attire. The person you’ve had your eye on all along doesn’t need to wait. Get one right away!

8) Chura


These are essential for every Indian bride. It is customary and brings luck. Before purchasing anything else, get your hands on these. The de facto sign of the newlywed bride is the proper set of bridal Chura bangles. The charming ensemble of 21, 31, or even 51 bangles, thick and thin, adds to the symbolism of a fresh start. The Chura bangles are no longer just crimson; they now go with the bridal lehenga in a rainbow of hues, including white, yellow, peach, orange, pink, and blue!

9) Accessory For Hair

Hair Accessories

You never know when and when a correction to your hairstyle may be necessary. For that, you could want to carry a bag of hair accessories. Bring hair accessories like hairbands, bejewelled or trendy clips, etc.

10) Health Care

Medical Aid For Bride

In the midst of all the chaos, it’s critical to maintain your health. Purchase a first aid package that includes painkillers, Band-Aids for your feet, and other supplies.

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