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What is Beauty Sleep? What Are the Advantages?

Prior to an exam or any important day, getting a good night’s sleep is essential because it improves our alertness and productivity. How would you like it if we told you that a good night’s sleep would improve your appearance? Don’t you think we’re lying to you? It’s no secret that getting enough sleep at night has several proven advantages; in fact, the term “beauty sleep” (which is not just a fancy term!) was coined to describe these advantages.

When you’re asleep, your stress hormone (cortisol), which has been peeking at you all day, gets to take a backseat to your sleep hormone (melatonin), which shoots up and activates repair mode, which is a legitimate phenomenon. As you perform, your skin and body are constantly repairing any damage! After searching through all of the shelves, don’t bother looking any further; simply getting a good night’s sleep will do the trick!

What are you waiting for? Take a look at our tried-and-true list now, before you fall asleep!

1) A night’s sleep away from de-puffed peekers

De-puffed peekers are now a night away

Early meetings, drowsy eyes, and puffy mornings — we’ve all been there. When you’re stressed, the little bumps under your eyes show up. Why? Cortisol levels rise when you’re under stress, which affects your salt balance in the body. In addition, your salty midnight snack cravings may be to blame. Expect puffy undereyes the next morning if you went to bed with a bag of crisps as your last meal.

Go the beauty sleep route and add this hack to soothe this morning disappointment: This will aid in the drainage of fluids if you sleep on a pillow stack of two. Keep an eye on your neck, though, because this trick could result in stiffness and pain.

A better alternative is Lakmé Absolute’s Argan Oil Radiance Night Revival Eye Cream, which has antioxidant properties that enhance the benefits of beauty sleep while also ensuring that your blinkers look perfect when you wake up to face the day.

2) Glowing skin takes the prize

Glowing skin for the win

“You’re glowing!” is the best compliment you can ever receive. The secret to glowing skin isn’t just about applying the right amount of makeup; it’s also about taking care of your body and getting enough sleep. The damage caused by pollution and UV rays is repaired by our skin’s natural healing mechanisms while we sleep. By following a sound skincare regimen at night, we can take advantage of the rejuvenating effects of sleep deprivation on our skin. To ensure a speedy recovery, we’re recommending Lakmé’s 9-5 Vitamin C + Skincare Value Set and Simple’s Booster Serum.

Because, after all, why not take advantage of the available restoration time?

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3) Maintaining a youthful appearance

Keeping the signs of ageing at bay

Even though you may think nothing is happening while you sleep, keep in mind that the natural clock is always ticking away. And what’s the saddest part of it all? Every hour spent sleeping undisturbed adds to the ebb and flow of fine lines and wrinkles. Retiring early at night ensures that your face is at rest, which means no overtime work for your skin, whether it’s forehead creases or laugh lines, to eliminate these undesirable signs of ageing. Taking a few minutes to yourself each day can help you maintain a youthful appearance. To sum it all up, don’t miss out on the opportunity to treat your skin to anti-aging goodness like Lakmé Absolute Youth Infinity Skin Sculpting Serum whenever you can!

4) Locks of her hair

She’s got the locks

The wow-factor in your mane doesn’t have to come from spending a fortune at the saloon. Once you’ve done what needs to be done, rest up and let the others sleep. Many people don’t realise that beauty sleep is critical to your hair’s protein synthesis and, in turn, to your hormones, both of which have an effect on the rate at which your hair grows and its overall attractiveness.

For an upcoming event, skip the salon and just oil your hair; that’s the organic recipe for luscious tresses.

How much sleep is required to reap the rewards of a good night’s rest?

How many hours of sleep are essential to see the benefits of beauty sleep

Recharging and laying back is great, but it doesn’t mean you can just go on vacation and expect to look and feel your best. There’s a magic number to it!

And the recommended amount of sleep per night is between seven and eight hours. Beauty sleep is heavily dependent on the quality of your sleep as well, so setting an alarm for eight hours in advance won’t guarantee that you’ll wake up with any visible results. So, instead of taking the weekends off and calling it “self-care,” practice it to perfection by adhering to a daily sleep schedule.

And while this move toward better health may necessitate some concessions, we should remember that beauty comes at a cost, and without a cost, there is no gain.

What are the effects of lack of sleep on the skin?

How does poor sleep impact the skin

Poor sleep habits and lack of rest can cause those stubborn dark circles and dull spots that won’t budge even with concealer. Acne and breakouts are two other side effects of sleep deprivation aside from the brown badges. Do yourself a favour and get some well-earned shut-eye.

Decide where you want to stand.

When you’re trying to achieve that #glamorous beauty sleep result, tumbling and tossing around is a lot of fun! Because of the gravitational pull, your under-eye bags and wrinkles may appear more pronounced. So, pay attention to the process by which you wind down for the night. Sleeping on your stomach or side will cause your skin to pull to one side, resulting in sagging and the appearance of fine lines. The best way to sleep is on your back if you want to get the most out of your time in bed. However, this rigid framework is not preferred by everyone.

Amidst all of these rest issues, we recommend that you know your body and find the best position to sleep in order to relax and rejuvenate yourself.

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