6 Annoying Things That Girls Don’t Like About Guys

We discussed the actions that girls take that turn guys off, and you nodded in agreement while probably saying, “So true!” Since you guys aren’t flawless either, it’s time for the girls to follow suit.

Here is a list of top 6 things that boys do that girls find annoying:

1) Tardy Response

Replying late

The top of the list has to be this. Even if you started the discussion, what do you do when she responds? Is not responding at all to a “Hey, what’s up?” your perfect response? Very uncool!

2) Screenshots Sent

Sending screenshots

Believe us when we say that girls couldn’t care less if they think you’re humorous or appealing to other girls. Sending screenshots of your discussions with other girls may give your ego the much-needed boost, but it is alienating her. Find a different method to dazzle her.

3) Insulting Others

Calling names

No one wants to be referred to as a cupcake, marshmallow, or honey-freakin-suckle. Why don’t you just admit that your mother runs a bakery or something? Allow it to rest. Calling her insulting insults that are reserved for desserts won’t help you because she is an adult.

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4) Displaying Off

Showing off

Another serious bummer. Whatever it is, whether it’s your flashy new car or the price you paid for your watch, she isn’t interested. She might truly like it if you talked about it passionately. You might see her eyes light up if you demonstrate the mechanism and discuss the history of the object.

5) Text-Book Guidance

Textbook advice

like taking a nap on it. Breathe in deeply. Purchase pizza! Yes, if all of that had been helpful, then rest assured that she wouldn’t have ever needed you. Respect her because she is here to you for a reason. Just listen, even if you’re unable to understand or are unsure of how to answer. That’s sufficient.

6) Making Assumptions

Assuming things

The presumptions you make in your dim minds about what irritates a girl are the most infuriating thing. It must be that time of the month, she must have had a quarrel, or she is just irritable by nature. No. the wrong. Please refrain from making assumptions and instead….

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