A Guide For Men On Wearing Sneakers

Your basic jeans have seen numerous changes and facelifts over time, just like your sneakers have. When it comes to footwear, if your first thought is Converse, you definitely need to catch up. Before we discuss various shoe styles, let’s first get you acquainted with the many sorts of sneakers and the terminology that is used to describe them.

Here Are The Top 5 Guide For Men On Wearing Sneakers:

1) Shoes With A High Top

High Top Sneakers

This type of sneaker quickly caught on among spectators despite being initially created for basketball players to shield their ankles and prevent any injury. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, because high dunks look better dressed down with t-shirts and blazers than with basketball shorts.

Best paired with: a bomber jacket and slim jeans.

2) Cheap Sneakers

Low Top Sneakers

Although low tops have been worn for a long time, Kobe Bryant is credited with reintroducing them to the public in the early 2010s. Low tops came back, and this time they made it right to the high streets. There were rumours that he was inspired by soccer cleats and that is why he chose to wear them.

Slim-fit jeans and a cardigan are the best accessories.

3) Slip-On Shoes

Slip Ons

Low tops have sexier, more casual brothers that allow you to wear them to work, making it a much better option. They are the cosiest to slide into and all you need to transform your daytime appearance into a nighttime one. Yes, slip-on shoes are an example of shoe evolution done properly.

Best paired with: a shirt and some shorts.

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4) Plimsolls


Do you recall the white canvas shoes you used to wear to school as a child? They were formerly known as plimsolls, which predate the invention of the word “sneakers.” Of course, they’ve improved now that there are so many different raw materials available, but we’d want to thank Keds in particular.

Best paired with a blazer and pants.

5) Shoes For Sports

Sports Sneakers

The sneakers that stand out from the others not only are more utilitarian than fashionable, but they also have cutting-edge technology and fabric and material advancements that make it very hard to resist them. Global street style sightings serve as confirmation of the same.

The best combination is a T-shirt and thin pants..

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