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These Four Detox Water Recipes Can Help You

We need to flush out toxins and cleanse our bodies from time to time. As a result of poor eating habits, our bodies are riddled with unnecessary toxins that build up over time. How do you go about doing this? Fortunately, detox water is the solution. It’s not only good for your health, but it also helps you lose weight. Is this something you’d be interested in?

Here are a four easy-to-follow recipes for detox water:

1) Water infused with apples and cinnamon.

Apple cinnamon water

Trying to get rid of belly fat in a hurry? Add a sliced apple to a jar of water, then shake it up. A cinnamon stick can also be added and the water should be chilled for a few hours before drinking. Antioxidant-rich apples and cinnamon’s anti-inflammatory properties will help you lose weight.

2) Water from aloe.

Aloe water

Aloe vera has the ability to improve digestion, increase energy, and improve blood circulation. The best way to incorporate it into your diet is to make detox water using it as the primary ingredient. Blend 1 cup of fresh aloe gel with 1 tablespoon of water and you’ll have aloe detox water ready in minutes!

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3) Drinking water from a watermelon.

Watermelon water

Watermelons keep you hydrated due to their high water content (92 percent). If you drink watermelon juice, which is high in vitamins and minerals, you can flush out your system and even lose weight. Simply place 2 glasses of water, 12 cup of watermelon slices, and 2 tablespoons of mint leaves in a jar and leave for several hours. Mint leaves can aid in digestion and prevent stomach problems. This one’s for you, lazy girls!

4) Water with cucumbers and lemon.

Cucumber and lemon water

Cucumber and lemon water is one of the best ways to flush out toxins from your body. Lemons have a cleansing effect because of the citric acid in them, while cucumbers help to reduce water retention. Definitely a possibility!

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