Snacks That Actually Aid In Weight Loss

11 Snacks That Actually Aid In Weight Loss

Once the post-lunch slump sets in, it’s difficult to get out of it, and just as you’re beginning to regain your productivity, a sudden wave of evening munchies hits. You can try to deny it, but we all know you’ve been there. And because it hits you so hard, you do what we all do to calm our stomachs: you reach for the closest, quickest, unhealthiest option. Let’s just say the end of the tunnel is in sight if you’re still with us, nodding is depressing agreement.

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Here is a complete list of 11 snacks that are equally delicious and healthy so you can fend off the munchies in the evening while maintaining your ideal weight:

1) Baked banana chips made at home

Homemade Baked Banana Chips

We all recall seasoning seasoned banana chips with lime juice, chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander, and green chilies when we were kids. That was all we needed for an evening snack. The fact that they were banana chips gave us the impression that they were also healthy. Spicy in all the right places, mouthwateringly good! Sadly, most commercially available banana chips are fried and loaded with sugar. Instead, make a batch at home to reduce the amount of sugar and oil while still enjoying them. Tradition and taste are present, but health comes first. Few things can compare.

2) Curry-Spiced Dried Peas

Dried Curry Spiced Peas

In Southeast Asian nations, including Thailand, roasted green peas are a popular snack food that is both surprisingly simple to prepare and nutritious. You won’t believe that the roasted peas in your vegetable dishes are the same as the mushy, occasionally unappetizing green ones. Instead, they will taste nutty and delicious. Add your preferred seasonings to them, such as wasabi, red chilli powder, chaat masala, or even curry powder! After that, you can keep them for weeks in an airtight container without losing their flavour or crunch.

3) Dhokla Khaman

Khaman Dhokla

Khaman Dhokla, a Gujarati delicacy, can be enjoyed as a breakfast item, a main course, a side dish, or a snack. Consume with coarsely chopped onions, fried chillies (cooked in little oil), chutney, and salt. Gram flour, or besan as we know it, is used to make the dhokla batter and is soaked overnight. We adore this dish because it is fluffy and light, and the chillies and chutney give it an extra flavorful kick when served as a snack. For your evening cup of masala chai, the ideal companion.

4) Granola Sandwich

Multigrain Sandwich

A delicious snack that is incredibly high in fiber and proteins and is sure to fill you up is tomato, lettuce, cucumber, crushed peanuts, your choice of protein (although we advise against red meats), sunflower seeds, and an onion relish. We all get hungry in the evening, and something this filling will keep you feeling full, healthy, and most importantly, less hungry at dinner, which is meant to be your lightest meal of the day.

5) Chickpea and Peach Salad

Peach and Chickpea Salad

Make a delicious peach vinaigrette by combining peaches, olive oil, white vinegar, salt, and pepper. Then, chop some jalapenos, add them to cooked, seasoned chickpeas, mix in the vinaigrette, top with freshly sliced peaches, and finish with plenty of fennel seeds. It’s straightforward, natural, nutritious, and ridiculously delicious.

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6) Poha


Flattened rice flakes, potatoes, green peas, carrots, ground nuts, fried red and green chilies, Hing (asafetida), onion, turmeric, curry leaves, coriander leaves, salt, black pepper, and freshly squeezed lime juice are all ingredients in the immensely popular Maharashtrian dish known as Poha. We only have one word for this mid-afternoon snack because it only has 270 calories: YUM!

7) Idli rava

Rava Idli

Your go-to snack should be rava idli, which essentially replaces rice with semolina. The appeal of semolina is that it’s made from durum wheat, which means that it digests slowly. This means that semolina will aid in making you feel satisfied for a longer period of time and stop you from overeating. Need we say more?

8) Chickpeas Roasted

Roasted Chickpeas

When roasted, chickpeas, which are frequently used in hummus and Middle Eastern cuisine, transform into a crunchy, savory snack. There are many different ways to season roasted chickpeas, including paprika, lime, sea salt, and vinegar. A healthy alternative to satisfy cravings without ruining your diet is roasted chickpeas. So here it is if you need some crunch in your day.

9) Green smoothie

Spinach Smoothie

When spinach is combined with fruit (apples), you get all the health benefits and nutrients of raw spinach while also getting the delicious flavor and fruity sweetness of the fruit. To give it an extra kick, we like to add coriander, ginger, lime, and honey to ours.

10) Upma


The 250 calories in one serving of upma make it the perfect choice for an evening snack. This savoury South Indian treat, which is made from dry-roasted semolina, is wonderful because it’s nice and hot, which is what we always look for in our snacks. We’ve found your job if you’re one of those people who needs something hot to make you feel satisfied.

11) Plant-Based Salad

Protein Salad

A protein salad with steamed cauliflower, lentils, corn, sprouts, and tomatoes screams long-term health. Put it in your Tupperware and bring it to work. Bring it out at five o’clock; we prefer to slightly warm ours before chowing down. Although the combination of vegetables and lentils will keep you satisfied, unlike a greasy cheese toast, you’ll feel great after eating it. It’s the ideal salad to eat after exercising as well!

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