Fresh Herbs To Give Your Meals A Healthy Twist

Indians detest bland food more than anything else. Although they may give a hint of flavor, sauces also include a range of preservatives. Because of this, adding herbs to your cuisine is the finest method to spice it up. They are probably the simplest way to make your food tastier and healthier because they are wholesome, flavorful, and calorie-free.

fresh herbs meal

Here’s how to use herbs into your meals to add flavor:

1) basil and oregano for pasta meals

Oregano and basil for pasta dishes

Why do you suppose the Italians use these traditional herbs in all of their pasta dishes? In addition to having a ton of flavor, they also rank extremely high in fiber and antioxidants and are a fantastic source of minerals, Vitamin C, calcium, Vitamin B1, and Vitamin K.

To use:

Before you bake your pasta, pour 1 tablespoon of olive oil with the herbs for around 30 seconds while the spaghetti is still cooking.

2) For soups and eggs, use marjoram

Marjoram for soups and eggs

Don’t forget to include marjoram leaves when you make soup the following time for dinner. Since it possesses antiviral, antimicrobial, and antiseptic characteristics as well as aiding in digestion, it is a healthier alternative to tomato ketchup or soy sauce. To bring out its zesty flavor, garnish it or boil it with other veggies.

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3) Cinnamon or nutmeg for the broth or sweet potatoes

Nutmeg or cinnamon for sweet potatoes or broth

The greatest spices to add to your evening meal are nutmeg and cinnamon. They reduce tension and improve sleep. While cinnamon heals colds and coughs and eases insomnia, nutmeg eases aches in the muscles and joints. In the event that you’re preparing a broth, add the herbs (powder) to the broth as it’s boiling before adding the potatoes to the saucepan.

4) Cilantro with seafood

Parsley for seafood

Your immune system will be strengthened by parsley, which also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics that can dramatically reduce joint swelling. For a delightful and nutritious lunch, add some parsley leaves to any fish or prawn curry or seafood fry dish.

5) Thyme and rosemary for chicken dishes

Rosemary and thyme for chicken dishes

Iron and vitamin C are abundant in rosemary. Thyme, on the other hand, raises your mood, strengthens your immune system, and gives your skin Vitamin A. When roasting tandoori chicken, add thyme and rosemary leaves as a garnish or use the leaves to make a paste.

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