5 Ingredients That Can Set Off A Migraine

Have you been getting migraines too frequently? It’s time to consider whether you’re consuming the proper foods. Well, certain foods have been shown to significantly exacerbate or even induce severe migraines when taken.


Are you curious as to which ones these are? Here Is A Complete List Of 5 Ingredients That Can Set Off A Migraine:

1) Vintage cheese

Aged cheese

Nothing brings us more joy than the sublime flavor of cheese. While aged cheeses like camembert and cheddar undoubtedly satisfy our palates, they can also trigger migraines. Why? Because they contain substances called tyramines, which have the potential to interact with the body’s neurotransmitters and induce severe headaches. So, the next time you experience a migraine, consider whether you recently ate some cheese.

2) Flavored meat

Processed meat

We can’t help but feel tempted when we see sausages and salami. And more often than not, a fancy cooking session is replaced by a “sausages-and-bread” dinner. As alluring as it may be, you should be aware that eating processed beef greatly increases your probability of getting a migraine. You might not be aware of this, but processed meat contains sodium nitrate as a preservative. According to research, this preservative may alter how the brain functions and result in a headache.

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3) A red wine

Red wine

You probably aren’t aware of this, but your favorite red wine may be to blame for the headaches you’ve been experiencing. The real villains responsible for migraines are the sulfites used as preservatives in red wine. Alcohol, in general, increases blood flow to the brain and induces dehydration, which both contribute to headaches. Red wine should not be consumed by migraineurs.

4) Sour cream

Soy sauce

I have bad news for you Chinese food fans. You may be ingesting too much soy sauce in the form of Chinese food because you experience migraines. Soy sauce contains MSG, a dietary ingredient that can trigger very bad migraines. Additionally, soy sauce has a high salt content, and salt is known to greatly dry you and cause migraines.

5) Icy dessert

Ice cream

When we’re down, we always go for an ice cream. However, if you frequently have migraines, you might want to reconsider before purchasing one. You can experience a headache-like sensation after eating ice cream too quickly, which is known to cause migraines. Therefore, resist the need to have an ice cream no matter how strong the temptation. Otherwise, you risk getting a bad headache.

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