Get Rid Of The Summer Blues

As we all know, the seasons greatly influence how we feel. So although though it is typically the dark, chilly nights of winter that make us miserable, the sweltering heat of summer may also make us grumpy and angry. Anyone who lives in a hot nation like India wants nothing more than to stay indoors and relax out till the summer is over. Although I am aware that different things work for different individuals,

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Here is a list of three things that always make me feel a little less down. I sincerely hope they do the same for you:

1) Return To Nature

Back to nature

Yes, I am aware that everyone constantly advises us to get outside and enjoy nature, but it truly does help. In order to include nature into your daily activities if you are unable to take that much-needed vacation to the beach or mountains, try going for a walk or participating in an outdoor sport. Otherwise, make an effort to include at least two weekly outdoor meals. Since outdoor dining really can improve mood, why not create a little setting in your yard or balcony? Most women find comfort food like chips and chocolate and most males find comfort food like pasta and soup. So why not organize your outside lunch to include each of these alternatives along with spaghetti, chocolate cake, and a lovely bottle of wine.

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2) Employ Your Senses

Use your senses

I really do mean that! Because smell has such a powerful effect on how we feel, just as some foods, like freshly baked bread or pickles that bring back pleasant childhood memories, quickly relax us, certain scents warm us by reminding us of our parents or grandparents do the same. Light incense that has the scents of rose, lavender, and ylang ylang at your house or place of business while keeping these associations in mind. Another recommendation is to spray some of these scents on your pillow before going to bed; they are said to be excellent stress relievers. Another excellent mood booster is touch therapy, according to research. So, treat yourself to a relaxing massage; it is said to have a profound effect on your mood. Here and here are the ones I tried out.

3) Various Shades Of color

Colour, Colour, Colour

I cannot stress enough how colour affects our feelings. Even if I prefer bright colours, using them in your home should be done carefully because too much brightness can be overwhelming and depressing. Red, for example, is fantastic for dining rooms because it encourages gregarious and vibrant vibes, but it’s not a good idea for kid’s bedrooms because it can be too overbearing. It is preferable to utilise it sparingly, either by decorating one wall or by adding red accessories. Fuchsia in particular can be fantastic for igniting passion in your relationships, but it might come off as overly girlie, so it’s better to blend with charcoal. Again, orange works well in living and dining spaces, especially in warm tones where it lends solidity. The colour green, which promotes a sense of stability and balance, is extremely peaceful and restful. However, one must be cautious because too much green might make one very relaxed back. Another colour that is tranquil and comforting is blue. It encourages thoughtful ideas. Another excellent colour for kitchens and living spaces that also boosts energy and intellect is sunshine yellow. If you can’t make a complete colour shift, you may always add items in these hues to highlight certain aspects of your life.

In addition to the aforementioned, always push your body and mind. We frequently become complacent and give up on trying new things, like picking up a new pastime. Adrenaline-pumping activities are thought to be excellent mood boosters. The same may be true for mental activities like Sudoku and crossword puzzles.

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