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8 Strategies For Increasing Vitamin C In Your Diet

It is simple to overlook the vitamins required for daily functioning when a busy routine is in full flow. However, when you start to feel the flu coming on, we know you’ll wish you had remembered to take your Vitamin C more frequently or at the very least remembered to include a wedge of lime in your meal. This is because, quite simply, Vitamin C is unrivalled when it comes to enhancing your immunity, memory, and ability to look younger.

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Here are 8 methods to increase your intake of vitamin C:

1) Consume more citrus fruit

Eat more citrus fruits

Even after hearing how nutritious fruits and veggies are, you still skip a day or a week of eating them. Change this and make it a habit to observe the transformational effects of vitamin C. Your meal plan should include a variety of green vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, and green peas in addition to citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, grapefruit, and kiwis to help you meet your daily vitamin C needs.

2) Consume more lemon juice

Drink more lemon juice

Change your mind about only drinking shots at the bar. Slice a lemon, squeeze some juice into a shot glass, add some water, start counting from three, and drink! This helps with digestion and increases your regular vitamin C intake.

3) Consume more peppers

Eat more peppers

Who doesn’t enjoy their food coloured? The simplest way to accomplish this? Bell peppers of various colors—yellow, green, and red—add colour and zest to cuisine. The largest concentration of Vitamin C among these is found in yellow peppers, which have roughly 341 mg, or about three times the daily requirement.

4) Consume more Brussels sprouts

Eat more Brussels sprouts

You might as well refer to Brussels sprouts as a superfood. They are not only a fantastic source of manganese, iron, vitamin B6, vitamin k, and folate, but also a great store of vitamin c! Therefore, don’t hesitate to add them to your salad or mash them up in a sandwich.

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5) Take additional vitamin C smoothies

Drink more of a Vitamin C smoothie

Here are some things you may do if you suspect the flu is about to strike. Blend papaya, pineapple, some kind of berry, and ginger to create the perfect flu-fighting ginger-papaya smoothie. Its major ingredient, papaya, is loaded with goodness and is a potent immunity booster thanks to its high Vitamin C content.

6) Consume more broccoli

Eat more broccoli

Did you know that one of the healthiest green vegetables is broccoli? You should include it in your diet because it’s abundant in fibre, vitamin C, iron, and potassium and just needs a short amount of time to prepare. We enjoy it best when it is steamed or stir-fried with olive oil and some simple salt and pepper flavour.

7) Consume more spinach

Eat more spinach

The important lesson here is that Popeye has always been the face of spinach—something we just learned as adults, of course. This leafy green is a low-calorie powerhouse, packed with iron and vitamin C! You may easily meet 47% of your daily Vitamin C needs with a cup of spinach soup or a serving of palak paneer for lunch or dinner.

8) Consume more tomatoes

Eat more tomato

One of the healthiest foods you can include in your diet is tomato because of their high vitamin C content. If you want to increase your intake of nutrients, add them to a salad or, even better, a tomato and basil soup.

In addition to its clear immunity-boosting advantages, vitamin C is a powerful stress-reliever.

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