Shahrukh Khan Gets Award in Malaysia

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The greatest Shahrukh Khan honored with the brand laureate legendary award in Malaysian.He is Known by the name of King Khan in Bollywood industry.The Brand Laureate Legendary Award has been presented sponsor like Dr Nelson Mandela, Nobel Laureate recipient Mohammad Yunus, Ratan Tata, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg and Michael Schumacher in the old times. It’s an honor to get the Brand Laureate Legendary Award. It is all time a enjoyment to be amid friends and to be prearranged so much love and incentive to do well again said the Jab Tak Hai Jaan star King Khan on getting the appreciation.
Got honored at Dr Mahathirs function & a attractive digital Koran. Now  to Way I tour I might be the Hitchhikers direct to the Galaxy the artist later tweeted. Shahrukh Khan was honored by the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation, & got the award from Robert Loh, founder of Lord’s Tailor, KK Johan, president, The Brand Laureate, & PM Mahathir bin Mohammad.
Into 2008, Shahrukh Khan had turn into the 1st Indian actor to be conferred with the impressive Malaysian title of “Datuk” (equivalent of the British Knighthood) with the governor of Malaysia’s southern state of Malacca for promoting tourism  from side to side his Films in that region. Now the king of the bollywood industry made India proud once more. this is very big Achievement for his fame. Shahrukh Khan did a tremendous job to be a awesome Actor in the Bollywood!
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