Chemotherapy Session of Manisha Koirala

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Fabulous actress and great performer Manisha Koirala in the bollywood industry is suffering from cancer she is fighting with her illness. underwent a surgical treatment for ovarian cancer in the United State untimely previous month & at the moment, the actress will suffer her first chemotherapy session in New York and Manisha Koirala is extremely nervous. but the actress is daring and prepared to face the challenge.
Manisha Koirala publish post on her FB page. She said, “that at present I suffer my 1st chemotherapy session between being tense of the unidentified that awaits & the bravery to face the challenge, I am in a state of prayer & in appreciation of the support. I have acknowledged from mom, dad and my erstwhile family,”. The actress as well thanked her fans for screening her their anxiety at the actress’s healthiness.
The 42 year old artist, who was analyzed with cancer in early on December, was controled in New York on December-10-2012 & since then she has been existing in United State, for further action. Lisa Ray, who totally got treated of many myeloma, has been a gigantic motivation for Manisha Koirala. We and our whole team pray for Manisha Koirala and we also regret to all fashion46 visitor to pray for her.
Chemotherapy Session of Manisha Koirala:

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