Ian Somerhalder Casting News in 50 Shades of Grey Movie

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Ian Somerhalder Casting News in 50 Shades of Grey Movie. Ian Somerhalder is very awesome model and actor in Hollywood film industry. Vampire Diaries sweetheart Ian Somerhalder has been very big-time fans preferred to catch the desirable character of Christian Grey in the deeply estimated movie variation of (E.L)James strike X-rated materials story (50 Shades of Grey) a collection of 6th short movies permitted “Time Framed” – can be positively be used as a “50 Shades of Grey” screen check (aka, expectations audition adhesive tape). dealing to “Celeb Dirty Laundry, Ian Somerhalder acting in the screen exam supposedly confirmed that he is confident he could play a role as aloof & be in command of as Mr Grey.”
Before measurement I was hundred percent Team Boomer other than after observing this image I have got a go with my guts. Do not obtain me wrong, Ian Somerhalder  is not wonderful with his Cheshire cat-esque grin, although he is secure. I could absolutely observe him in the “red room of hurting” with Anastasia Steele & I could observe him twist into Christian the compliant “I expect I did not ruin whatever thing for you”.  I could listen to him say “Laters, baby” & I could listen to him explain Charlie Tango. is Ian Somerhalder Christian Grey in your eyeball?
several actors have supposed they will be concerned in the part, counting Robert Pattinson, Ian Somerhalder & Alexander Skarsgard, other than the selected actor individuality has hang about glaringly secret.There are shredders incoming at my home at this instant, since in “L.A”. my waste was vanished throughout. Who is playing Christian, who is playing Ana – critically, people are extreme about this obsession, Marcel told manner. “50 Shades of Grey Movie” would be releasing in summer 2013 all the great artist working in this movie.
Lan Somerhalder Casting News in 50 Shades of Grey Movie:

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