Torture Controversy “Zero Dark Thirty”

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Zero Dark Thirty movie about Al Qaeda after attacking Sep 2001. The Kathryn Bigelow Torture Controversy about “Zero Dark Thirty”. Kathryn Bigelow has done a great job. After getting 5 Oscars selection this week, Zero Dark Thirty is on its manner to crowning the box office in its 1st weekend of extensive release. Kathryn Bigelow film archives the “CIA” hard work to track down Osama bin Laden & incorporated vibrant interpretation of “improved interrogation performance” throughout the early periods of that route.
“We are annoyed that any dependable element of the Academy will apply their choice status in AMPAS as a stage to go forward own their political outline,” said Pascal, who is co-chairman of The Sony Pictures Entertainment & chairman of its Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group.
Zero Dark Thirty  won 5 Oscar Awards selection, as well as a jiggle for most excellent picture, regardless of impending under attack in Washington over its foundation objects & maintain by politicians that it represent torment as helping the U.S find and kill the al Qaeda leader in May 2011. In this movie Zero Dark Thirty you will see many brilliant actors and actress. They worked very well and they complete  mission very well in this super-hit movie.
Torture Controversy “Zero Dark Thirty”:

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