Actor Jackie Chan calls U.S. most corrupt

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After Bruce Lie dead Jackie Chan Known as one of the best Fighter, Actor, Comedian and many more. Jackie Chan is now too old but still he is very fit could give 100 % in every field.Hong-Kong action hero Jackie Chan has once more irritated condemnation, this time from an American blog, after symptomatic of on Chinese TV that the U.S is the “most corrupt” country in the world. “When you speak about corruption …in the entire world, is there a lot of corruption in the U.S? The most corrupt in the world!” the Rush Hour superstar, who create headlines in recent times for his divisive views, said to Phoenix Television previous month.
Jackie Chan remarks were reproved on Thur by Max Fisher, a foreign relationships blogger for the Washington Post Publish, who labeled them “anti-American” expression that was embedded in China uncertainty. Jackie Chan also told.” that China is a comparatively youthful state, where in the first semi of its record it was “terrorized by a lot of people”, & that it just realized “genuine success” in the history decade.
In the recent discussion, Jackie Chan talked about China’s recent development, removing fraudulence from its management, even as calling US ” the most corrupt country in the world.” This interview is most probably not so shocking to Chinese audience. Jackie Chan has been gripping incongruity for a few years nowadays for condemning Taiwan & Hong Kong as models of what could go incorrect when you have got “too much freedom.” Why Jackie Chan was speaking like that? Answer of this question only Action Hero Jackie Chan give.
Actor Jackie Chan calls U.S. most corrupt:


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