All praise for Arjun Rampal in Inkaar

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Bollywood actor, producer, model is the great man Arjun Rampal. he is very hard working actor. He said that he does not work in bollywood but he work for bollywood. Arjun Rampal is getting praises for his character in the upcoming movie “Inkaar” even if they are coming from his wife Meher Jesia. After a extraordinary screening here of the film, directed by the Sudhir Mishra, Mehr jesia was demonstrative in her praise.
Although public may term Chitrangada Singh’s & Arjun Rampal alongside starring in movie “INKAAR”, and directed by Mishra, as gallant with the variety of perception (sexual harassment) it transactions with, the goog-looking actress does not feel so. Says Chitrangada Singh, ” I do not think the topic is bold anymore. I do not recognize why public wanna term it as bold when a woman wanna talk out for her privileges or lift up voice alongside wrong. On the opposing, I believe, it’s light if you are taking position for your rights. Chitrangada Singh is very glad to do act in this movie.”
Meher Jesia, said “I am arrogant of Arjun Rampal. I loved the movie. It is very special and very different. What Sudhir Mishra has completed is very special, particularly imminent in a Hindi movie. Meher Jesia is formal miss india. She is very beautiful lady and also a excellent house wife. Arjun Rampal is very luck who have got Meher Jesia.
All praise for Arjun Rampal in Inkaar:

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