Michael J. Fox Criticizes Taylor Swift

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As every one know that Taylor Swift is very beautiful and bold actress. Taylor Swift is going to go on date with son of Michael J. Fox. Taylor SwiftCriticizes by Michael J. Fox, he said Taylor Swift don’t go to date with my son. Taylor Swift has put up a extremely winning profession out of script songs regarding her worried love existence, but Taylor Swift is starting to obtain a shocking status for it! at the January 2013 Golden Globes award ceremony, host Tina Fey amusingly derided Taylor Swift, & said her to settle gone from Michael J. Fox‘s son, although Michael sat & chuckle tensely.
Now, Michael J. Fox has come clean that he will be shocked if Taylor Swift start on looking his son Sam Fox, & he told Taylor Swift  to back off, because he does not wanna Sam to be a casualty of one of her portion songs, at least, Michael J. Fox himself has presently said Vulture magazine he “A”) does not actually recognize who Taylor Swift is and “B”) Taylor Swift could not date his son.
Michael J. Fox moreover added that if Taylor Swift were to stride correct up to him & croon him a crumble song, he would not still identify who she is. This is a very terrible month for Taylor Swift, this arrive just days after Taylor Swift supposedly tried to get Jennifer Lawrence to popper her up with Bradley Cooper awaiting he, “graciously refused. “yes, this month did not good for Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift had faced many problems in this month. But Taylor Swift is very brave celebrity she will come out from this bad situation.
Michael J. Fox Criticizes Taylor Swift:

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