Ameesha Patel feels proud about Race 2

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Ameesha Patel is come back and started acting she was not acting in the films last two years. Ameesha Patel is very hot and spicy actrees now she acted in The Movie Race 2. Ameesha Patel feels proud about Race 2. as well as the means of the movie has twisted up. The actress is on a endorsement fling with is partial to having a unique broadcasting of the movie for close up contacts from the bollywood industry. Ameesha Patel said, “Yes, I am scheduling to have a personal show for my associates with people whom I am near to. although my part is small, I actually take pleasure in.
Ameesha Patel says, “I recognize you are generally used to doing big movies where you performing by yourself but I will akin to you act a particular role in Race 2 ever since it’s a character that wants your attraction with qualities”. place which I listen to the screenplay plus the moment, I listened it I said “ok done directly also I am extremely happy with the mode of Rameshji with my director Abbas Mustan have offered me.”
According to the starting place the character Ameesha Patel is performing in film is the most excellent part to play by every actress in every movie. Ameesha Patel is arrogant to play that character. talking about Race 2 Ameesha Patel as well said that her part in Race 2 not for 5 minutes but a important one. She was quit cheerful with the character played in the Race 2. Ameesha Patel is now promoting Race 2 and waiting for releasing. this great movie will be released in the Last of this month 25/01/2013.
Ameesha Patel feels proud about Race 2:

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