Lena Dunham: Rihanna & Chris Brown Romance ‘breaks My Heart’

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Lena Dunham says “Breaks My Heart Half” through Rihanna & Chris Brown Romance. I wanna ask Chris Brown what Rihanna has got that I have not I am more beauty from Rihanna. Lena Dunham is in the middle of those who be against Rihanna’s settlement by Chris Brown. When talk about the manipulate superstars have on lovers all through a chitchat on Alec Baldwin’s podcast “Here’s the object”, the “Girls artist” says she’s distressed by the previous pair get-together.
The designer and celebrity of HBO’s “Girls” superstar strike in on Alec Baldwin’s podcast regarding RiRi’s association with the guy who scandalously bang her up in 2009. (It break my heart in half) Lena Dunham said. ‘It is an wonderful item plus it’s similar to, it’s a stage that you have got critically.’
This is not the 1st time Lena Dunham considered in on the hot couple. She tweet last Feb, (Rihanna plus Chris Brown’s fresh double act make me feel like to go hide from view beneath Gloria Steinem’s bed room for 72 hours.) So many time Rihanna & Chris Browns caught by me what do I do I don’t know I still love Chris Brown.
Lena Dunham: Rihanna & Chris Brown Romance ‘breaks My Heart’:


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