Hrithik Roshan as brand ambassador for Mountain Dew

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Hirithik Roshan has got extremely attractive an fabulous indian actor. currently Hirithik Roshan has become a brand ambassador for Mountain Dew. Hrithik Roshan is a superstar who has been pointing plus again explained as the Greek superstar of Bollywood with his attractiveness, hot physical type plus outstanding talent. correct from his entrance movie till where Hirithik Roshan has arrived at now.
“We are arrogant to connect with Hrithik Roshan, who really reproduces the braving, bold plus courageous character of the brand with its clients,” PepsiCo India group Director Flavours, Ruchira Jaitly told in a declaration.
The corporation had previous selected Bollywood dabang actorSalman Khan” as the brand ambassador for Mountain Dew in 2011 for a single year period. But now the corporation did not select again Salman Khan. the Hrithik Roshan got this rank and become brand ambassador of Mountain Dew.
Hrithik Roshan as brand ambassador for Mountain Dew:


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