Veena Malik Loses Weight for upcoming Film

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Hot Lollywood actress veena Malik are going very fast in bollywood film industry. Veena Malik are very beautiful actress Now Veena Malik is working in Indian films that’s why she is calling bollywood actress. Veena Malik is at the present dress up to show off her most excellent figure constantly in her forthcoming film ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ which is going to by Haroon Rashid. Veena Malik go on a diet similar to extreme for the earlier period only some days to dig up addicted to the stunning glance.
Veena Malik said, “Initially, I had to expand heaviness for my Kannada “Silk SakkathMaga” film. currently I have to obtain keen on superior outline for ‘The City that Never Sleeps’ plus ‘Supermodel. For the most recent time that’s all I look to be efforting.
Veena Malik was noticing in advance heaviness in addition to losing weight in previous 3 film Zindagi 50/50 where veena Malik is in performancing a prostitute, In Mumbai 125 Kms veena Malik is theater a sexy ghost. Veena Malik will be on the last stage on her losses weight and Veena Malik will be get a great figure.
Veena Malik Loses Weight for upcoming Film:


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