$8 Million Luxury Apartment Bought by Bruce Willis

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After launching Die Hard part 5A Good Day to Die Hard” a fabulous American actor plus producer is Walter Bruce Willis. Latest Hollywood news is about Bruce Willis has bought luxury apartment in $8 million. a foundation informed rumor site that the “A Good Day to Die Hard 2013” celebrity bought the land on or after U2 bassist Adam Clayton, who connect on the marketplace in Oct 2012 intended for $8.695 million.
The unsurpassed identified for on stage John McClane inside the “A Good Day to Die Hard 2013”, Walter Bruce Willis is presently on the stage screens in the 5th payment of the movie sequence, “A Good Day to Die Hard.” subsequently we are supposing Walter Bruce Willis got that gigantic chubby income to overindulge on the remarkable luxury apartment.
It has got 3 bedrooms in addition to 4 baths, which be perfect for Bruce Willis family unit, his wife Emma Hemming plus their child daughter Mabel and all that. Bruce willis wants each and every thing in this luxury apartment he is eager to shift with his family in this luxury apartment which is bought in 8$ million.
$8 Million Luxury Apartment bought by Bruce Willis:


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