Bipasha Basu said, I will become Ekta Kapoor

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The beautiful Indian actress Bipasha Basu has commented on Ekta Kapoor. Bipasha Basu said that ‘I will become Ekta Kapoor if I wear a more rings’. Bipasha Basu were joking on Ekta Kapoor. Indian actress Bipasha Basu, who has been acting one weird film after the additional Raaz 3 (2012), Aatmaa (2013) and Creature (2013).
The mother of the darkish actress completely believes in the good powers of precious stones. Reveals that in the conclusion with mother’s of Bipasha Basu final statement when it approaches to the good powers in her time. in addition to so, do not be amazed if you blemish this.
Moreover, we completely recognized That’s because a lots of flings that obtains informed regarding Bipasha Basu may missing her mother drained numerous a period. other than do you imagine the good luck rings will constituency the pessimistic powers off in the life of Bipasha Basu. we hope the good luck rings will be a good luck for Bipasha Basu filmy career and Bipasha Basu will turn over unluck into lucky.
Bipasha Basu said, I will become Ekta Kapoor:

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