New PSY Debuts Music Video for ‘Gentlemen’:

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The South Korean Singer, Actor and Dancer is Park Jae-sang which is known as PSY. Latest news about PSY is that new PSY debuts music video release for ‘Gentlemenwatch and enjoy. The “Gangnam Style” singer’s current music video recording is here get prompt for a new dance steps, people! Continue the reading to see the lates music video. PSY is at it again! His gear music video for “Gangnam Music” attained over 1.5 1000000000 hits on YouTube. Now he’s released his 2nd song video for his lone “Gentlemen“.
What prefabricated “Gangnam style” awesome was all the kooky dance steps. The inactive hip swaying in this one is anti-climatic. Apparently, it’s respect to Phytologist Eyelike Girls‘ “Abracadabramusic video. Expression of them, Ga, who’s a member of the K-Pop miss group, appears in the video.
Talking to several South Korean TV channels, Psy previously excited fans, describing the new uninominal as: extremely fun and I can’t affirm you untold near the diversion but all Koreans eff this diversion – but those in different countries did not seen It. After “Gangnam Style” this is also a very big hit music video you will like it very much.
New PSY Debuts Music Video for ‘Gentlemen’:


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