Salman Khan refuses Bombay Talkies song with Shahrukh

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Start with the Latest Bollywood news about The Salman Khan and The Shahrukh Khan. At the present Salman Khan refuses Bombay Talkies song with Shahrukh. We also wondered why not Salman Khan! Healed, seems same the Psychical star was approached for it but he refused it unconditionally, without any indorse thoughts, on learning roughly Shahrukh Khan’s relationship with it.
According to a source in a sheet, “Salman Khan didn’t require to be in the self-phrase as ShahRukh. It’s inferior knowledge that after their spat a few years ago, the two don’t see eye to eye. And when he pioneer out that Shahrukh Khan has donated his nod for the strain, he didn’t lead some touch.
Apparently, Aamir Khan has destroyed propulsion his bit for the strain and the Baadshah of Bollywood leave do be doing the similar formerly he is done with his upcoming adventure with Deepika Padukone – ‘Chennai Express‘. We hope you enjoy a lot with this latest Bollywood gossips about Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan.
Salman Khan refuses Bombay Talkies song with Shahrukh:


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