Ian Somerhalder Plays Secret Agent Character in ‘Time Framed’

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Latest Hollywood News is about upcoming action movie. The great Ian Somerhalder is an American actor. He plays secret agent character in ‘Time Framed’ in his upcoming movie. Ian Somerhalder shakes a tuxedo for the recently released trailer for his upcoming small Time Framed. “Ian Somerhalder is cool and stirring. His genuine passion for the atmosphere comes to realization concluded his powerful presentation,” the thirty year old actor’s director Sinisha Nisevic shared.
Moreover, Time Framed interiors on “Agent Truman BlackIan Somerhalder” a pistol for rent secret running who is entrained to defend management in addition business benefits in high-stakes missions. Throughout his newest project to stop the invented heist as well as exclusion of an innovator clean liveliness method that carries free commands diagonally the world.
Sin Factory Television is pleased to announcement the complete length promo for their original sequence entitled “Time Framed” which leads Ian SomerhalderThe Vampire Diaries, Lost” through the mythological Seymour Cassel (Oscar Nominated used for John Cassavetes’ Faces) in a visitor play the lead character. The story of this movie is extremely wonderful all the lovers of action movies are dying to watch Time Framed movies 2013 by Ian Somerhalder.
Ian Somerhalder Plays Secret Agent Character in ‘Time Framed’:

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