James Cameron plans to make 3 Avatar Sequels

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This News is very important because in this news we talk about making 3 Avatar Sequels and the James Cameron Plans to make 3 Avatar Sequels. This plan is a great preparation The Hollywood film Producer says that Avatar part 2, Avatar part 3 and the Avatar part 4 would be shot all together among production opening next year. They would be release in Dec of 2016, 2017 in addition to 2018.
Moreover, James Cameron has an attractive motivated production plan as well as has hired an impressive group of writers to catch the pictures organized to be filmed concurrently, comparable to Peter Jackson‘s “The Lord of the Ringstrilogy. Hollywood deadline approximations that the installment in 3 parts can cost close to $1 billion dollar.
“In script writing the latest pictures, I have approach to recognize that ‘Avatar’s’ globe, chronicle furthermore characters have turn into even richer than I expected as well as it became obvious that two movies will not be sufficient to detain the whole thing I required to pretend screen,” James Cameron said in his declaration. James Cameron decided very well plan we hope 3 avatar Sequels would be rock on the big screen.
James Cameron plans to make 3 Avatar Sequels:

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