Actress Naomi Watts talks troubled In Diana film

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Latest Hollywood news is about the gorgeous actress Naomi Ellen Watts. Actress Naomi Watts talks troubled In the Diana film 2013. Naomi Watts did role as Princess Diana in Oliver Hirschbiegel‘s latest topic Diana, which going to disclose in United Kingdom cinemas on this 20-09-2013.
Additionally, British Australian actress Naomi Watts is very hot actress and she did a fantastic job in this film. The romantic play focus on the last 2 years life of Princess Diana as well as exclusively her connection with heart doctor Hasnat Khan (Naveen Andrews).
Digital secret agent sat downward by means of Naomi Watts in addition to Oliver Hirschbiegel to talk about the troubled of representing Princess Diana on screen as well as the physical training Naomi Watts undertook used for the character. This movie would do a great business in Hollywood film industry. In the end we say to Naomi Watts best of luck for her upcoming movie.
Actress Naomi Watts talks troubled In the Diana film:


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