Ranbir’s Bombay Velvet to now release Nov 28

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In this entertainment news we are sharing with you latest bollywood news about big film of “Ranbir’s Bombay Velvet to now release Nov 28″, Bombay Velvet is an future coming 2014 Hindi neo noir drama film. Shooting finished previous night along with only single day’s shoot that has to be completed in Kolkata is left. We hope each person is happy when they see the movie.
Furthermore, there was a date fight between “Bombay Velvet” in addition to “P.K.” as Kashyap also required to make public his film around December 19, the date that Rajkumar Hirani required his “P.K.” to come out. It would release November 28,” Kashyap said at a social gathering organized via the producers to publicize the discharge date of the picture.
Anurag has put in numerous efforts into the movie in addition to it has been his delusion since nine existence. It will be fair if wider viewers see the movie because he has prepared a very attractive film,” Ranbir Kapoor said at the party. The cast of this movie are Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma. They both are looking awesome in this movie.
Ranbir’s Bombay Velvet to now release Nov 28:


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