Salman Khan’s kick dialogue on T-shirts now

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Latest bollywood news is about the dialogue khan don’t worry we are talking about Salman Khan’s kick dialogue on T-shirts now. This momentabout, the megastar dialogue in Kick, ‘Dil mein aata hoon, samajh mein nahin’, has resoundin the midst of the spectators. Trend Street in Mumbai has been markedadvertisingprinted T-shirts with Salman dialogues.
Moreover, this is called great and fantastic promotion technique with Salman Khan’s kick dialogues. At the release of the picture’s trailer, this talk was also cheered via the audience with whistles. from the time when, the movie trailer has received a towering number of viewers online. Many have even place it up on their social media profiles.
Entertainingly, this row holds true for Salman khan and comes nearby to telling his personality. In fact, the performer, who liked the lines, also gifted a wrist watch to Rajat Aroraa, who is the movie’s dialogue writer, as a token of pleasure. You can see the pictures as well in the pictures gallery where Salman Khan dialogue written beautifully.
Salman Khan’s kick dialogue on T-shirts now:

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