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diamond jewellery rings, diamond jewellery necklace, clean your diamond jewellery, diamond jewellery set, diamond jewellery online, diamond jewellery pic, diamond jewellery images
We all recognize diamond as the hardest substance on earth, but that doesn’t mean that your diamond jewellery doesn’t require any care. The precious stone can still break or chip and is more vulnerable at its girdle. It is suggested to for all time keep your diamond jewellery in a caring setting. But there’ lots more care that it will need, when it comes to cleaning and storing.
Storing your diamond jewellery
Always store your diamond jewellery independently. That is if you do not want them to have several scratches. I will also recommend using a fabric lined case having different compartments. If you want to take the care further, wrap the jewellery in soft tissue paper. There are exceptional jewellery pouches also available, which could be used for storing each of the pieces.
It is also important that you check your diamond jewellery regularly and ensure that they are kept securely. If you find any signs that the stones have loosened or spoilt, take the item to the jewellery. An expert jeweller can clean the jewellery and also perform essential repairs.
Although you may not have to worry about diamonds getting scratched by metals, they can themselves scratch other diamonds (and other stones and precious metals). This is one of the most common ways I have seen jewelleries getting damaged. This is why I recommend storing your diamond jewellery in individual pouches.
Taking care of
I am going to suggest the following tips when it comes to taking care of your costly jewellery and keeping them in their best form:

  • Don’t handle your diamonds frankly. Your fingers have a lot of oil that might easily interfere with the looks of the stone.
  • Make sure to clean your diamond more often with ammonia based cleaner. Mainly homes will have such a kind leaner. It will be most excellent to leave the rock in a solution overnight and brush it using a soft toothbrush. This will immerse any dust on the stone as well as remove it with ease. If you don’t have much time, just do this once in two weeks. Most of the dirt and oil gets accumulated in the back because this is where the diamond comes in contact with your skin.
  • If the settings are made of delicate objects use softer brush along with dong wash. You might then wet the stone with water and wipe if clean using a soft and lint-free cloth.
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Never use any form of abrasives for cleaning any kind of jewels. Avoid everything that has chlorine. You do not want to erode the precious metals used in the diamond settings. They are competent of dissolve plus loosening the settings and prongs.
Many of the lotions and cleaning products can leave a thin layer on the stone. This could affect its brilliance by limiting its power to reflect light. So choose a cleaner that has nothing more than 5% ammonia. The right way to clean the jewellery will be to take a soft bristled toothbrush and spray it with the solution. Brush the jewellery gently and remove all the dirt. You can then rinse the items using warm water and use a clean and soft lint free cloth to dry it off.
Taking care of your diamond jewellery is not as difficult as you think. Once you find the right cleaning solution, equipment and storage solution, you will no longer have to worry about its upkeep. But it will still be required to have it checked once in a while by a professional jeweller.
Tips for Cleaning and Storing Diamond Jewellery:

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Marlow Marshall is a renowned jewellery designer in Calgary. He entered the world of jewellery designing after having built solid reputation in retail and management for over 15 years. Currently, he owns a leading jewellery business, and is focused on seasonal trends, wedding and diamond jewellery.

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