how to dress to impress

how to dress to impress
There are many occasions that require you to dress up: job interviews, first dates, and fancy dress events happen more often that people expect. To avoid being unprepared for these events, plan a collection of appropriate outfits ahead of time. For any situation that calls for a specific dress code and attire, read on for tips on how to dress to impress.
The Interview
One of the most important things to remember when trying to impress your future boss is the office dress code. Most company websites feature a gallery with photos of their staff in the office, so conduct some research before the interview to get an idea of appropriate attire.
When in doubt, it’s best to choose conservative outfits that convey confidence and professionalism. Avoid exposed shoulders, open toes, and bare midriffs. A blazer, slacks, and comfortable heels in neutral colors are simple pieces that not only create an impressive ensemble, but present you in the best possible light to your potential employers. To tie together an outfit and reinforce your organizational skills, pair matching accessories that subtly indicate your fashionista savvy.
Date Night
Dressing for date night is akin to a structured algorithm or formula. The date location and time dictates exactly how formally you should dress, while the number of dates you’ve already been on indicates how casual you can afford to dress.
For a casual date night, it’s best to slightly enhance your normal style. If you typically wear jean shorts and crop tops, elevate the outfit with silk or cotton shorts and a blouse that covers your stomach, but still flatters your waist.
A more formal date night requires a little more thought and careful planning. The easiest way to create an outfit is to keep in mind your best features and build around them. If your legs are showstoppers, a simple skater dress and heels will turn every head in the room. However, if your backside is your best feature, show it off with a bodycon dress that is designed to be a little more appropriate.
Formal Party
The first thing you should figure out for any event is how formal you need to dress. Some events won’t allow you to enter if you’re improperly dressed, so make sure you understand the social atmosphere beforehand to avoid any complications.
Choosing the right footwear is also crucial. Though sandals and flats should be avoided, you still have to ensure comfort throughout the night. Five-inch stilettos aren’t the right choice for everyone, so wear a pair of flats or wedges that you are comfortable with to the big event.
While fancy events are not the place to let loose, they are certainly ideal places to let your accessories run wild. Wearing some chandelier earrings or your diamond jewelry elevates your outfit and catches everyone’s attention.
Rules for Any Event
There are certain things that are always true when trying to impress with your stylistic choices: flip flops, wrinkled clothes, and missing buttons never make a good impression, and making sure your hair, makeup, and nails are as formal as the rest of your outfit is crucial.
Having a few staple pieces that can be worn to any formal event is good practice and having two outfits for the same event ensures that you’re always prepared. If you feel like your closet needs an upgrade, explore an online dress boutique to find versatile and appropriate outfits.
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Frankie Grand is a fashion obsessed lifestyle writer from Calabasas, California. After earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design from the Academy of Couture Art in Beverly Hills, she focused on designing a dress line influenced by the geometric paintings of Frank Stella. When she’s not writing, she searches for inspiration for her next line.

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