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How to Extend the Life of Your Shoes After a Shoe Repair

Let’s admit it, wearing a footwear is as necessary as wearing a pair of pants or shirt to complement your style and keep you going even in the midst of a busy day. Shoes and foot wears are human essentials because of the many occasions they serve- from an ordinary office day to a grand event or occasion.
It can be really frustrating sometimes if you accidentally find out that your stiletto heels were broken while walking down the street or even worst when you are in the middle of a party, dancing to the rhythm of your favourite tune. This kind of awful situations would have been avoided if you just paid attention on the proper care and maintenance of your shoes.
Once you found out that your pair of shoes has a slight damage on any side or portion, it is very vital to find a repair shop that can fix it right away before it gets worst and bring permanent damage.  But, shoe repair does not guarantee that you won’t encounter the same problem again, though it may restore its original look and shape but old foot wears are more susceptible to damage and easy wear and tear that is why it is important to keep them clean and well maintained.
Here are some tips that you can do on how to properly take care of your footwear to avoid constant repair and shoe replacement.
Always clean and properly store them after use
Keeping the original shape and appearance of your shoes can be possible if you clean them every after use as what Nushoe Inc. cited on their site, “we highly recommend cleaning your shoes on a regular basis, depending on frequency of use”.
Another key point that you need to remember is to find the right cleaning material for your pair of shoes. Leather shoes, sneakers, boots and stilettos are treated differently when it comes to cleaning method and choice of materials.
Storage is also important for your shoes. Never put them outdoor as they can be damaged by changing weather and other factors like your playful pet and kids roaming around. Keeping them inside a secured shoe bag can also prevent them from getting stain and scratches if you need to bring them along to your office or during parties.
Choose the right pair of shoes based on the weather
Have you checked on the weather before deciding which pair of shoes to wear? Winter or snow boots are not that ideal during summer not only because of style and comfortability issues but their type of materials does not really blend well with the hot or humid weather.
If you also think that it’s going to be a rainy day outside, just pick flat shoes or sneakers or any waterproof shoes you have on your rack that can be resilient to water to still keep you protected while not risking its own quality.
Wear them with care and confidence
Choosing the right kind of shoes depending on the occasion could help you protect them while giving yourself more comfort and confidence. Feet stomping, running or any sort of high footwork activity is a very No-no especially if you are wearing pumps and heel shoes on as it can easily damage them.
For a more active day, choose a pair of sneakers or rubber shoes that could make you move freely without worrying of making it slip off your feet.
Evening parties and gatherings is the right place for more formal and embellished shoes as it requires lesser footwork and activities.
Whatever the occasion maybe, always put your comfort and safety on top of your priority as this also applies to the shoes you will be wearing.
Pay More Attention to the Repaired Area
The most vulnerable area of your shoes is where the repair has been done and this is where you should focus your attention. The soles are usually the first one that gets easily damaged on your footwear and though they can be repaired quickly, it is better to safeguard them by putting sole protectors in order to prevent this from happening again.
For restored shoes due to discoloration and fading, it is better to keep them out of direct sunlight or bleach to keep their pristine colour and condition.
There are still a lot of way to take care of your shoes but it is always better to start with the basic. Hope you enjoyed reading, feel free to leave your comments below!
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