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Trends to Expect During the Fall/Winter 2016 Season

Hands down, the colder months are the best time of the year for fashion because they allow for more liberty in stylistic choices. This season is fueled by fashion from unconventional places, such as consignment shops and online boutiques. Trends are broader than ever before, allowing for some wiggle room to play with outfits and styles! Read on to learn more about the trends to expect during the fall.
Puffy Jackets
Keeping warm does not have to be a drab affair. Metallic colored puffer jackets add a chic, modern twist to staying warm this winter. Likewise, puffier bomber jackets in neutral colors are a must for a sporty, relaxed look. Puffy vests are also making a comeback in brighter colors this winter.
Turtleneck sweaters have always been a staple for any winter wardrobe. However, this fall and winter they will not be limited to just sweaters. Turtleneck crop tops have been an ongoing trend for a couple years and will continue to be chic this winter. In addition, turtlenecks under dresses are a major trend this fall that provide a sophisticated, yet girly air to the wearer. Body hugging, turtleneck dresses are also a major trend that is a sexy, yet classy piece of clothing to add to your wardrobe.
Chokers are the major accessory of 2016. Chokers come in a variety of materials and styles that go beyond the traditional plastic 90’s choker. In addition, chokers have transcended from simply being an accessory. There are also cloth attachments on many dresses and shirts that mimic the look of a choker. Chokers are one of the few accessories that can be worn either formally, or casually.
Hoodies are a great way to keep warm and trendy, but also an absolute must during the winter months. Many fashion stores, such as District Clothing, provide sleek, basic hoodies that pair with many different fall and winter outfits. However, there is also a surge in graphic hoodies with artwork, memes, or sayings. In addition, there has been a more underground trend to put ironic iron-ons on hoodies as a way to make a political or social statement.
Velvet is the go-to material this fall due to its chic appearance and ability to trap heat. Commonly seen on bodysuits, pencil skirts, chokers, purses, and gloves, velvet works well as an accessory or as the centerpiece of an outfit. Following the two-piece trend, velvet outfits are perfect for pairing with other velvet pieces, for a regal look that pops anywhere.
Faux Fur
Fur has always been a winter favorite due to the air of sophistication it grants the wearer. This winter has a funky twist on furs, as brightly colored faux fur jackets are trending. Shifting from a noble and upperclass fur look, the faux trend brings a downtown chic look to any outfit while keeping you warm.
Staying trendy this winter and fall is important. Be sure to check out deals on chic winter wear!
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Melanie G. is a professional makeup artist, freelance writer, and a self-proclaimed fashionista from Beverly Hills, California. Combining her passion for beauty, fashion, and femininity, she has worked with LA’s top celebrities to help them look glamorous for the red carpet. During her free time, she enjoys exercising and writing.

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