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Celebrity-Owned Watches That Rocked the Auction Block

Celebrity styles and fashions have always proven to be widely influential to countless fans and style aficionados who tailor their own aesthetics to mirror the glamorous and elegant styles of entertainment’s elite. Certain aspects of celebrities’ styles, such as their choices of accessories and premium watches have been equally impressive and influential. Looking back on timepieces deemed just as iconic as their owners, here are some celebrity-owned watches that turned heads in their time and continue to influence trend-setters today.
Sports Legends
One of Baseball’s most legendary players, Babe Ruth owned a GruenVerithin. This pocket watch was awarded to him for the 1923 World Series Championship and in 2014, this classic watch was auctioned and sold for $717,000. Meanwhile, Olympic skier Jean-Claude Killy took pride in owning a 1951 Rolex Dato-Compax Chronograph, which later sold for $614,500.
Big Screen Stars
Roger Moore, one of the most iconic actors who portrayed James Bond, owned a Rolex featured in the movie Live and Let Die in 1973. As a designer timepiece turned high-tech movie gadget, this watch sold for $363,000.
Another silver screen celebrity, Charlie Chaplin, was known for his groundbreaking comedic films and love of luxury watches. Among his collection was a 1945 Rolex Oyster, which sold for $51,000 at auction. This rare, vintage design is made even more unique due to its limited design and left-hand details to accommodate the acclaimed director.
Extending into musicians who had a passion for living the high life, Ringo Starr of The Beatles was known for possessing a collection of striking apparel and accessories, among which was a rare Patek Philippe that sold for $179,200 at a Los Angeles auction last year.
Another music legend, Elvis Presley, was known as one of America’s most talented and respected 1950’s Rock n’ Roll stars in addition to his later career as an actor. In his collection, the star’s circa 1960 Omega Constellation Calendar featuring black dials sold at auction for $52,000.
True Celebrity Style
The joy of purchasing a watch previously owned by a celebrity is obvious. Not only can fans (with the means to do so) purchase exclusive vintage timepieces owned by some of the most influential stars of past and present, but they can also collect a piece of history. Meanwhile, modern style connoisseurs can have a comparatively easier time finding their own fashionable,  affordable men’s watches that emulate classic men’s style of the past while providing new and contemporary timepieces for today.
So, whether you’re bidding on trusted, luxury pieces or shopping online, take a cue from some celebrity tastemakers and their auction-worthy collections!
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