How to Style Cute Maxi Dresses All Year Long

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Maxi dresses encompass the best of both worlds: they’re fashionable and feminine, yet they’re still so comfortable. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many women try to find a way to wear their flowy cotton and silk kaftan dresses all year long. And here’s the good news: you can! With the right accessories and a little bit of style savvy tips and tricks, you can turn your favorite maxi dress into a year-round wardrobe staple.
In The Spring
Springtime means blooming flowers, warmer temperatures, and fun fashion in bright colors and floral patterns. Why not put on your favorite floral maxi and get into the season? Whether you opt for big patterns or a simple peach-toned frock, spring is a great time to dive back into your maxi obsession.
As the folks at PopSugar remind us, the silhouette is one major appeal of the maxi dress. The look is flirty and feminine, yet casual enough for a day of running errands. So, how can you style your maxi dress to suit the occasion? It’s all about the accessories. A pair of flat, strappy sandals, some bangles, and sunglasses will perfect that “California girl” day look. Then, when it’s time to head out for cocktails, switch things up with a pair of glamorous, dangling earrings and a sexy wedge or heel. Just like that, you’ll go from simple to chic!
In The Summer
Summer is, without a doubt, the time of year when maxi dresses reign supreme. These dresses are usually made with lightweight, breathable fabric, which makes them, as Fashion Lady says, brilliant for the hot weather. Whether you’re attending a summer barbeque, spending a day at the beach, or going to a concert, your maxi dress can be the perfect outfit.
However, there is one thing to remember when styling your maxi in the summer: less is more. Don’t overload your look with accessories! With some simple sandals, a pair of sunglasses, and a bohemian-looking tote or clutch, you’ll have all you need for an effortless summer look. Of course, if you want to dress it up for a fancy occasion (a wedding, for example) you can add a statement necklace and a high heel. Just remember to keep it simple, or else you’ll find yourself sweating.
maxi dresses for spring, comfy trenchcoatIn The Fall
Once the leaves change and the weather starts to turn, too many women pack away their maxi dresses and wait for spring to resurface. Not so fast, ladies! With the right style sense, the maxi dress can be a great part of your fall and winter wardrobe. As the folks at Babble point out, layers on a maxi dress not only keep you warm and cozy, they also add a little funky flair to your look.
When you layer your clothes, start with something simple. Throw a t-shirt on under a spaghetti-strapped dress for a chic 90s throwback look. Belt your dress to give you some shape, then keep warm with a long, comfy trenchcoat. Wear tights and boots under dresses with slits, so your poor legs aren’t subject to any chilly fall winds. Even toss a slouchy sweater over your dress for an elegant two-piece look. The possibilities are endless; don’t be afraid to try new combinations.
In The Winter
When it get really cold, it’s time to follow Who What Wear’s advice and up the layers. Wearing a maxi dress in winter certainly has its perks – you’ll thank me when your full belly has room after a holiday dinner – but layering up and keeping warm is key.
Consider all the looks you tried during the fall, and then up the ante just a little bit more. Instead of a t-shirt, wear a turtleneck under your dress. Wear a knit bomber jacket for added edge and added warmth. If you’re going to a fancy holiday party, consider a long sleeved maxi and a faux fur coat for that elegant old-Hollywood look.
Author Bio: Amy Trotter is a writer and fashion fiend living in Dallas, TX. When she isn’t writing, Amy is out shopping for everything from silk kaftan dresses to denim overalls. She loves creating unique and edgy looks that stop traffic wherever she goes.

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